Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Smudged Look, for some reason java script won't let me do a title,
will see when I do a preview.  Painting has been slow, working slowly, just fussing with the work a bit, mostly evening painting. trying to leave some old habits behind, noses and lips less defined is what I have thought about lately.  Also seems I have lost focus, art motivation is oneof the most fickle things.  Frequently I can regain some focus by attending art shows or visiting galleries and I did that but then that faded also.

Because blogger is not acting quite right this morning, I will post the photos and not write a lot.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Shadows On Our Faces

Today I was thinking about faces and people I know, thinking of how a shadow can cross the face without there actually being a reason for a shadow. I have noticed that they eyes seem to act as an awning. Seems like the eye lids are a shelter that protects our feelings. The face can actually darken just as it is when a cloud passes over the sun. So it is with this face, shelters and awnings that protect a vulnerable time. Acrylic with colored pencil and bits of paper.