Friday, May 27, 2011

Remembering and Testing

I did this collage for Memorial Day remembering my parents. I wanted a page for my journal, this journal is always on the kitchen table and it is mostly cutting and pasteing. Sometimes is is just junk mail or stamp snippings that I use and I wrote a few words. the graves we would visit are quite far, traffic is terrible as it is
very lake country, we dont' do that.

The other reason is the widget of followers has vanished, if you visit and you have any idea of how to get it back or if you can see it with your computer tell me. I have tried a few things. Have not emptied the cache yet as I don't know what all goes with that, what oculd be lost maybe nothing I have important things written in a note book. Sometimes I can't read my writing tho. Anyway the test is to see if I do a post if they will come back. I miss the faces.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I always Say

I say that I want to paint these faces and sometimes, quite a lote lately, more body included. what I say is I want the questions to come, who is that, where are they, and am I just imagining this. Or maybe this question, did I really see that image?
I did get that with this painting, but I am not quite or very excited about it. I will put it away for a while see what I think in a week or so.

The problem could be I lose my train of thought and the flow of working on a painting because of there being so much to do right now, or so much I want to do.
A bit scattered. I just had an idea that I could cover a surface with newspaper larger than the painting do some painting on the paper and add some flowers like she is holding and some other, make the whole thing bigger, maybe 16X20. I will let you know if this happens.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Day in May

How fast is this month going? Do you try to hold on, slow it down, impossible and the to do list gets longer and longer and not just mine but my husband's also.
Yesterday I set an angel figurine on the window sill just because I am always arranging things. Hope it isn't a compusive thing, probably not, they gather dust sometimes so I must not do it all the time. I like the look of the window screen in the background of this photo, so easy to get a layered look, and the tulips in the background added some interest. What I also learned is, I liked the bouquet of tulips, but in a photo the one that is open wide is distracting.

When I said so easy, it was this time, not always easy to have things be just right,
there are a lot of different things to consider with photos and so much to learn in that direction.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Garden

Gardens take a ton of time, this isn't news of course, I love painting and I love gardening. anyway I am going to post garden photos and one altered photo that is two garden photos, and parts of two different paintings.

Spring is so beautiful, and I feel like there is a countdown to a finish, there sort of is, it has started with the very early blooms now gone, gone for a whole year.
I have to really stop and look take time to appreciate. those wild plums won't be there in a few days. The passing of spring is nearly like electronics, something new before you have fully understood the present.

Anyway I must hurry we have advancing storms and I unplug the computer as we have been hit by lightning a number of times and no matter the expensive power surge
equipment it can fry.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things I Found

First, at a sale I found a box 3x4 in. and about an inch thick and it was full of little silouettes, very small ones cut from old magazines. They are fun to use in collage and mail art. She has flowers in her heart and wings on her shoulders. The painting is 14X8 in

I also found this photo I had taken last spring, and an old Bazaar magazine, the colors in my photo and the model in the magazine sort of spoke to me, they had nothing in common except color and it seems there should be better reasons for doing digital art but not today.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Various of May

It has been quite busy, once the garden work starts, and it has been going for a while with a day here and there nothing with consistancy. Spring is quite delayed as only now are the daffodils in full bloom. We noticed the ski slopes still have snow as of today. That garden is bare except for the early spring flowers.It looks bare there are many things coming to life. I also had a birthday. I did some digital work with a vintage post card and two of the garden photos. I often wonder of when I am quite older if I will be confused by these altered photos of family, time, and location. More confused than trying to remember how I did that?

If your enjoying Mother's Day enjoy every minute If it's not working out just right do something you like, we have the ability to make ourselves feel good, we even know
what to do.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Mix, an art Mix

We have heard the word mix a lot lately. especailly since we get snow and rain most days this spring. I also listen to a radio station that is also MIX, I listen for baseball but they play a music mix.

We lave very rural hard to get the good art magazines here, but I did find in a larger twon the Digital Art magazine, I love digital art but it feels sort of like I didn't do much, which is wrong as I have to scan a lot of things, take a lot of photos, and keep files of things to use which takes a lot of time. There is a different sort of excitement for digital art, and my cheating art heart also feels that my degital style recues some paintings that I maybe could of worked harder on.
Everything does not have to be hard!! That is true for all of us, I feel more rewarded sometimes if I really worked hard. Silly.

The original is posted here and the digital altered is here along with one cropped section. Some of my own photos were used in the digital work and they are so distorted they aren't what they are. Some sheet music and a pictures from a collection of pictures. This is just for personal use a journal of altered work.