Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Family Art

We visited family on Monday, my BIL and SIL had this old memory book of my Husband's mother. There are pressed things, tickets, mementos, calendars of real dates she and my husband's dad went on. It was hand made from manilla paper, and this was from 1929 to 1931. Then, here was this page of faces that she had doodled with ink and a fountain pen. So charming. So I made copies of them and also did an altered card for my journal and some writing to accompany it.

Also the other art of collage is my daughters faces, and my alterations. This is framed and measures 11X15. Also I have a copy of this for my journal work this summer which is suffering, I have things tucked in and some things glued but not really finished.

Do you ever feel like talking about something in your blog you didn't post about?
Happens to me all the time. I most always have no photos to go with the thing that is pressing my mind.

That is my MIL in that wedding photo which I have always thought beautiful.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Girl

The background has impressions, impressions of large buildings, when really it is music and just texture if you look closely, Then it might not look like that to you at all.

it is amazing what a new yellow can do, It is the most inexpensive acrylic you can buy in the little bottles, I bought a color called Pineapple, a pale yellow and mixed with kelly green, dark night blue, true burgandy and ochre and I get these colors. Also a lot of gesso for the white.

When your done with a painting do you try to go back and count the layers? With this I can remember 6. Portions have been sanded with an mery board,if you sand the edges of papers adhered to your work you can achieve a smooth surface and get an aged look. Also sanding any stamping you have done so it has a hit and miss appearance.

Also a summer favorite, poppies and delphinium. Garden perspiration gives you strength for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feeling Over Inspired

I have been out visiting this morning, we have a gray damp day with winds that whistle if a window is open a tiny crack. If you shut your eyes and seperate your mind from reality you might think it January. However I just picked a bowl of strawberries so it is June. the first berries this year from my berry patch.

That is not the point, the point is this visiting of blogs, and then not even speaking to the artist of the wonderful work and thoughts. I don't speak because I think I need to get to the art room and paint, this is making me feel so over stimulated, over eager to go and do. I will, today is such a day that one can do this without guilt. It is now a day getting on hours so I better get moving.

First I will share this woman of passion. I will also share some beautiful peonies, these plants are 50 yrs old, they grow chest high and can have as many as 60 blooms, one can hardly find a better plant than that for performance.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Tell Her

This is my daughters art work, the digital stuff is mine. I wanted to do a collage of some of her work. I altered it, and now will cut it up and mount it on a layed backgroundof newspaper and paint, and over that some more additions. She can have it or I will hang it for my pleasure. The altering is mostly fabric behind the painting layered with Print Shop. The reason I did that was to help me unify the
paintings with a consistant color.. the paintings are in her journal work.

It is more steps than quilting, doesn't take quite as much time. I hope I can get a good photo of the completed project, I am not the best photographer taking a picture of a picture.

If I am missing for some days it is a computer problem, right now it is acting fine,
Tuesday it was a complete malfunction, some understandable and some not. I don't believe it is over it's illness.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Collage of Sorts

This is really collage of recycled dishes, candle holders, glass stones, buttons and glue. My daughter was here last week and we made these, on the second day we bout the stake on them with the same Epoxy glue. I have them in the flower bed by our back door. I have learned that many forms of collage appeal to me.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Painting

I just had to paint, it had to be familiar and not a huge challenge because there are so many other things that need attention right now it is easy to lose a feeling about some art work started.

Also in this post you will see Alli um in an altered state and I think in a natural state, I say it this way because sometimes lately saved things on the computer do not show up for postings. Of course sometimes I save scans or photos and spell something wrong and I can't find it. I usually save files by month and year, but sometimes, Oh you know how things can be done when you try to really hurry.

Yesterday it was a 103 we live in the north, to night it will be in the 40s. This has really been a nutty spring. For some a really horrible spring in so many ways.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photos, background, painting

The day is passing, I can't believe how the week has passed with just small things done, business phone, exercise, weeding (Not done) planting, exercise group in town, groceries, ti goes on and on and now that I see in writing I am not feeling so bad.
I also did some beading making the necklace part for the dominos I put my art on, and fixing a bracelet. Well I have done two necklaces, and lets not forget going to art shows and garage sales. In the meantime some things are dying in the gardens and not sure why, sometimes it just happens to transplants not often to me but maybe this is my year.

The point of this is I don't get something painted and I miss that the most. I have something started and I want white flowers by her face, and pears at her neck. and of course it won't be simple but it could be if I don't use everything that is on the table in the painting.

This is an April painting, a photo from last year of some container plantings and a birdbath I made from garage sale findss, the birdbath in in the photo. There is a piece of striped purple fabric around the edges and the black and white is a design that comes with photo shop and old program I use and only works up to windows XPThis program came with thousands of graphics and little did I know I would use this stuff in a manner that is so much fun because I didn't know a thing about altered photos then.

It has occured to me that if I didn't over explain I would have more time, remember Edith Bunker? I'm not that bad.