Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leaving Gently

Well not me at this moment, and then who, the bird or the lady in green? I was inspired by a Somerset Studio spread, but didn't want to do just collage I wanted to paint. Paint something. Some friends were looking at the Somerset mag and it is very intersting to see what appeals most to others. In fact it is thrilling to see others get excited because a new idea has been found. What is most gratifying is an idea found that goes in one's own direction as the project starts.

I am excited because I found a product at the hardware that is a liquid weld and I can burnish it with things to make it look like I want, maybe, I have not tried it yet the burnishing part. And it will weld to any sort of material. We will see, I am gathering ideas and they are laying on the kitchen counter, not a good place for a photo taking, it seems too dark there and photos never seem right. I have also broken some ironstone dishes and some glass. I worked on the edges with an electric emery that my usband useing for sharpening blades. Also a gathering of fabrics that have nothing to do with the before mentioned. One just feels more secure with mind images. But... mostly...I just wanted to paint.

I will say this, painting tiny faces is a huge challenge, sizing original large paintings is easier.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy to Oblige

A request for a face that is rather gaudy and then maybe something with Dahlias for a book that has small paintings collected throught the years, or drawings and doodles, and for a back and fron cover. Just something a friend is doing.

I have the same thing a collection of prints, originals, cards, and things I know the artist and actually I don't always. and they are in a book also and I could do the same thing.

So this is what I came up with, and as we go over these things together I think she may want some cropped work also, Pluse some photo altering of old photos for another book. Things that are fun to have on a table when people gather.

Another thing I can never remember what order to post things so they appear in the order I want and then, sometimes I even post the same thing twice.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting back to Painting

Ignoring what needs to be done, except I did some of that also in small time pieces,
While something dried I worked on the downstairs sewing and painting areas, plus that is also laundry area. And did some in the Vegetable garden. I just had to paint, I look at evetyone's work and feel this giant burst of wanting. I can use these different sections and create a fall collage also that gives the spirit a boost for Changes in the house. We are moving toward fall, and I feel sort of ready but not quite, we get frost quite early, sometimes mid Sept. so ones feels the pressure of enjoying every bit of garden that I can. You never know it is different every year.

I enjoyed doing these flowers, they are a printed letter then I tore pieces for the flowers. Stamping with paint and a napkin butterfly.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Found Woman

Sometime ago I did this background painting with the intent of finding a face, I had it around for a while and one day I saw this figure walking the face was right there as was the hand and the whole dress, I darkened background and drew around patches of color for the flowers. The problem was, I was looking for a larger face. I know some of you are doing this type of art now so thought I would show it. I did show it once before. This time altered for book page and some cropped.

I haven't blogged a lot the last few days, one reason the electronics have been unplugged due to storms. We have lost things before due to lightning strikes, we do live on a small hill so that my be the reason for the strikes. With all this rain it is a comfort to be on a hill. Weather is better today.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Hot Day In August

That is what it is, you open the door and it really is like opening the oven, after nearly 3 inches of rain over night the steam from the earth comes up and hits you in the face, so actually it is more like opening the dishwasher just when it finishes.
We have had a series of days above 90 so plants did need the water. However 3 inches is an excess.

So cleaning a closet, and it is really very easy to toss maybe sweaters, you know maybe I will wear that and then you never do. Another hot day I tossed coats. While dong this I thought of my blog and it has suffered a bit without everyday postings.
I took photos yesterday before the deluge. Makes one think of Jackson Brown when I say that. I decided to do my combination digital art and a painting using my photo and my art. Things are heaped on the bed and I will get back to that closet.

Also one extra garden photo of a favorite phlox and hydrangea.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Favorite, not New

I use this frequently as a card, and I see it framed at the Vet Clinic we use. This vet was so helpful to me when we had a sick cat. I did this over a year ago and my work has changed.

Ihave been in the garden a lot lately, it was just so messy and weedy and it happens rapidly this year. Late summer garen is important to me, and it is huge effort to have good color late, this year everything wanted to bloom at once. Now it is time to make sure I can see the later things from the house. That is what counts most to me is it looks good from the window. But then, seeing it up close frightful.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Day Without Completes

It is true a day of only halves, things go half right. Things around th house are smelling funny, closed up house in hot weather, shirts and hats being put in the closet by the door that have been worn in hot work, and just put there to get out of the way along with shoes and bandanas, horrible stuff. So now that entry way smells like a lemon cleaner that is not true lemon, and most of the things have been washed, and I would tuck dryer sheet into them if I had some.

Besides that half, the bread won't rise, only by half. so it is shaped and sitting in a half warm oven to urge it along to a better rising status.

I finished a book I only half liked it had a disasterous terrible ending that nearly broke ones heart, except so strange you could go on the internet and read the alternative ending. The book was "Jimmy" by Robert Whitlow. Talk about putting one in a mood.

I really only sort of like this painting also, I think what happened was I lost the initial idea as it dragged on for several days and I was distracted frequently from the beginning.

Days go like this when one only feels half like doing things yet talks self into doing them. Not the book, I expected much better from this.