Friday, October 29, 2010

A Halloween Feeling

This is an old wizard, maybe not old as wizards go, but he was created in my daughters art class in the early 80s. I set him under a small shrub and the photo changed the whole perspective. I then thought I could incorperate him into some of my paintings and other alterations of photos and paintings, the yellow poplar trees and house are my photo and the house my painting, not so spooky just sort of ghostly.

Wishing you a good weekend in whatever you chose to do to make it yours.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mind Wanderings

Nearly the look I want, there are so many looks, elegant, wan, whimsical, romantic,
that only doing and practice gets to the variations. One needs broad knowledge to know in the beginning, to know if I do this I will get that sort of look. Realistic
is not my goal or portrait work is not, I like that art, I just want sort of a story of mine or the person viewing.

it has been sotrmy here for 2 1/2 days horrific winds and rain. Flickering lights and small messes, small damage in this area some areas more serious damage. Night Song is about last night, limbs flying, hidden stars, and night birds. The other painting is about lost summer birds. These are journal pages, about how the mind wanders on a certain day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting it Right

I was posting last night way too late to see clearly what I was doing.
I did not delete it, I will start over.

So doing cutting back in the garden this morning I got to thinking about what people like the best. Is there more appreciation for what the mind to hand do than appreciation for what the mind to computer do? I put them in seperate journals, I do appreciate both, and because I am of an age that didn't grow up with computers it still is amazing to me.

I think it will be quite obvious to you what is what in this post.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Garish

This started out to be a Folk Art piece of work, instead I believe she is ready for the masquerade, which is Ok as this is a journal page but, it cannot come with talk of quiet. I did some rather quiet pieces with my photos and paintings this weekend to use as cards. There is always tomorrow to be more quiet, and more of what I want. So much to learn, and the blogs you see to the right offer so much. great things to see and information you can use.

So garish and quiet is what I will post, I like the cards where I used desaturation techniques removing color. They also go in a journal of altered photos and art. The face with the thin lips and the cone flowers is my favorite. Continue to be brave with your art and so will I.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Journal Work

These pages have been cropped to some extent. Also you may wonder what oating is..
it was floating, what happened was....on the oposite page I had glued some leaves with Matte Medium and also given the leaves a coat of the medium. The next day I was ironing my pages, and all the medium on the leaf came off on the other page in a leaf shape that is quite vague. This leaf also had blue paint on it. I am thinking will this work as a plan, intentional sort of process. The paint on the leaf was not consistant it had pooled and dried, so the result was rather spotty, also the paint was under the matte medium not on top. The effort in the journaling is to work on a more simple background and to have the faces look a little different. Plus some words that may speak of the day.

One can float through the day on the pretense of accompishment with out a real valid one. Hardly takes any skill.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things Tossed and Other

Going through some things in a saved file that I thought were awful, and they sort of are, but I have had a day of things that aren't quite perfect. I bought one napkin ring that had a heavy gold star on it, and a piece of rather junky pottery becaue if the color swirls, pink green and blue that went with a doily that was sort of old and not quite right and not finished. I sort of like odd things and have them around.

Anyway this photo I took is very poor, but in an abstract way I like it, and also this witch is not what I hoped for, but I did my October banner from it. The computer can fix things up in an artful way, bless it's liitle hard drive heart.

Then this photo that is Ok and was suppose to be posted yesterday but I couldn't find it in the saved file, because I had spelled Oct. wrong and it was under Ict.

So there is not coordination to this post, it is like being served leftovers, some of the stuff looks sort of funny and there isn't enough of the good stuff. Also I forgot to make a note of the order to post.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Orange

So much orange today, and a bit of blue. I painted another pumpkin and the warts are not done the best but then it is a pumpkin and it doesn't matter really that much. There are mums blooming and so pretty inside and outside. I bring in bunches, and tiny pink roses, can't resist. While dong garden clean up I have to bring in flowers when I take a break, then paint a bit because it is calling. This is the days results minus a photo of the garden. Garden cleanup is rather mindless work it give one time to do a lot of thinking, meditation sort of but, I believe one should sit quietly for meditation. Very hard to sit quietly.

I am sure you recognize one pumpkin photo is a digital alteration, I didn't change the pumpkin at all but notice he looks happier in the mums.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Spirit

I have a lot of energy in October, I think all the colors of the area are a stimulation, except I like November also because I really like the blue gray colors, the naked earth is the feeling. the pines sound different, and the corn that is left in the filds shivers in a rattle. I am getting of track it is October, read once and the writer said it is the season when people wear the colors of dead grass, dead grass has a lot of beautiful colors.

I like painting faces so much I did a pumpkin and will most likely do another,also there is a journal page minus the pumpkin, in the altering of things the writing is now backwards.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Careful, Carelessness

These paintings are rather careless and I was careful to be careless. They will never be on display, :) or rather they will never be for sale. Sometime this journal may end up on an auction and people will wonder what I was trying to say.
This journal is a lot about silence, so maybe after examination by someone it will not say much. They may say..she was such an odd woman and that is Ok I don't mind at all.

These are two of the journal pages, painted, and things added with no real plan, as if I ever really have one. I was careful to be careless.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Modern Day Coyote

This title has nothing to do with anything, except the words keep me from haveing a consistant thought. When you hear a coyote yipping you get images of cowboys around a campfire or one of them sitting guard in a night of watchfulness. Last night one was yipping and I think he was sitting on a farm field road and surrounded by corn, hay, and soybeans, and perhaps that is why he sounded sad as the coyote knew there were no cowboys listening to his call. What made me start this thinking was I heard a song on the radio about a modern day romance which was country western music and the thoughts all slipped together.

A complete turn of subject which also indicates scattered thoughts this morning these are photos around our area, and an altered photo of the fern. My art journaling has been about quiet and silence the last few days and those postings are yet to come. Autumn is so abundant with sights that I have to post the beauty while it feels so right.

The photo of the stream which is a little over pixeled reminds me of papers prepared for more subjects when I am painting.

Friday, October 8, 2010

More Journal Pages

I wonder if I will always remember what some of the symbols mean and the few words, or if on a different day they can mean something else which is OK also. If this winter I do another I will think of a theme. If you comment suggestions would be fun as I am rather blank, yet I lean toward trees, that seems silly also. Maybe a color, hot colors. Really I can't think of themes. It is late, so even now my words are running out.

I am using old magazines a lot for these collages, I don't usually do that, it is rather fun. That is the object, fun, and a journal of paintings.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A journal page, maybe other

I say maybe other because all those programs are acting really strange today, my Print shop and my image editor. You know what that means, something big maybe is about to fail. So I am not sure if the images I want topost will be there, as it has not been consistant tonight when I get the image editor pulled up for somethings they are there and for some not.

All my pumpkins might be a little small as I was tired of fooling around with these photos and scans. It can get to be hours when things don't go just right. Then I was trying to watch a tv show and also listen to a ball game. You think I might be trying to do too much at once?

I hate to go to bed when the computer is mad. Not admitting I could also be a little ticked off. How did the thing get to be so important?

It was a lovely fall day and there are some flowers left, and the bread turned out.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Decided, Art Journal Time

You know it, I know it I want an art journal and I want it now, I want one done
and a good cover or at least acceptable to me. I don't want it terrible personal, I want it laying around on a table and if people want to pick it up they can and I don't care of they read the words, I can make one later for mad days. I hope to not be made before I can get one done, or even sad, that is my plan. :>) We all know about that don't we, how life comes along and gives us a jab, and I think in this journal I will talk to myself about acceptance. it is Ok to be angry, even say that we are, and why, but the occasional person does not have to see that, especially when weeks later it might be hard for the journalist to remember just why, like a worry can linger, or it can vanish, it is pleasant when things get a good coat of vanish and shine again.

I will be diligent, faithful to completion, practice discipline, because if you say I am going to be disciplined and then one day you say this is just for me is doesn't matter, that might be when it means the most. This journal will have 28 pages of art and the cover last. I paint nearly everyday so why not put effort the effort into this? I don't trust myself.