Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quilt, ?? Foamies, Watercolors

The most fun I had today was making these birds, I ad these sheets of foam, called Foamies, less than 1/8Th of an inch thick, I drew birds on them with a pen pushing hard to make a good imprint. You can see the imprint part is not really consistent.
I painted the foam with different colors and then pressed it to a printed fabric.
I made sure the firm was wet, not dripping, quickly trying to wipe away paint out of the lines. I made sure my fabric was on a hard surface not soft.
The foamies are at wallmart, in the children's art supplies. Foamies are the size of a sheet of typing paper and different colors, the different colors means nothing to this project.

The Quilt isn't done is is just things laid out and that looking adding, taking away part of quilting. I am not fond of the face, but I think I will continue anyway.
It is very hard to change something on fabric. We will see how I work around the problems. I am not crazy about the other face either, it doesn't matter that was just an experiment with watercolors and pencil and got overworked

Still doing some landscapes, this is how the landscape looks here now, even some March skies like the scene that looks like rain falling in a distance.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Landscape Refresh

I have to do this< I have to get out the watercolors and paper and do wet in wet landscapes because I like them and I use to do so many and now I don't so I have to do 4 now in the next days. Your mind has to think differently than when I do the mixed medium much more difficult to correct, except I use a paper that keeps the paint on the surface so you can lift color off, yo have to think ahead do you keep your lights. I don't use white, maybe sometimes a tiny bit.

Also I have several quilts waiting for stitches, but I had to paint and I had to paint a face and do some collage along with it.

Guess what??? ture to form my words and pictures will not be in the same order.

Another thing, those dogs you see with the people in the landscapes, one was an accident the other a partial accident that I just added a tail.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A new Scarf

This is newly made and of course not easy to wearm but I will when I go to the gallery. I cut up an old forest green wool sweater that had been shrunk to a mat of wool. I sewed lengths of it together, I cut white wool that was also felted to the face shapes and used the Inktense pencils for my faces and felted the hair and some other parts with roving, roving is cleaned , dyed wool in some cases that has not been spun to yarn. Other embellishments have been added, I lined the back with more wool to cover the stitches. I have seen simular at fairs, none with faces. I was surprised that it took a greater part of two days.

Then the quilt that is done fron printed art on fabric, using the printer.

Also Little Elsie who started out being L>C> and is now Elsie. This is true, she love games where I toss cat toys , she sees me gathering and I say...Elsie get ready, I say it a couple times and pretty soon she is down flat like in a punching position with wild eyes waiting for me to start. She gets points if she catches one I get point if she don't. Think I have too much free time?? Maybe/

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fabric painting, and More

First I hope to get this in proper order so I talk about what is being shown in the right place. UGH makes me blush.
The quilt is 11X14 Face done on a fabric print with Inktense pencils. Very close top stitching and for me a minimum of patterns in one piece of art.

The photos are misc. and truth be it I can't quite remember what.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lamp Revival and Other

I saw this old painted lamp i a thrift store, one $$ is not bad and the cord was good. So a little fresh red and cold paint and a glaze for shine, new shade and finial which doesn't show and it has a new life.

The other photos are from an old mill site with a dam , the interesting photos of the ice circles makes one think of lily pads, the most reasonable information I found and others found is about currents that form little bits of ice and they grow into these circles, these had a bit of snow on them. It was a cold day we didn't stay long.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Being Sort of Slow

If there is a month when slowness it OK it seems to me January is the month, Feb. works for this slowness also. Quilting takes time, seems it takes more staring than painting and painting is so much faster> I really don't need fast,yet, if I want to have a blog that has frequent posts one has to do something to post about. Altering paintings and photos is fast. Maybe I still have some Christmas, this thrift store figurine has done well for my photos, she is in the corner on top of the pie cupboard, even dusty sometimes and has been out year around so I take her photo then alter it as many ways as I can think of, I have not put her in the garden yet I will..

The painting that is horizontal with the layered doily I don't have any more it got painted over. I print some of these and put them in a journal for days when I have very few words about the day.

I don't sau it enough Thank You for coming by, enjoy your visits.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Creating My Own Fabric

That isn't 100% true, as I didn't weave the fabric and I know I won't be doing that part . I did use my own photos, paintings, the bubble wrap design is from my computer program Print Shop. you can see It show thru, these sheets are for quilts,
I am working on a trial quilt right now, the printing of the fabric sheet was poor.
So 12X1`2 or so isn't much space or time to do a trial, the trial is about merging the fabric a little more with inktense pencils and permanent markers. It is about getting rid of hard lines, getting rid of areas that seem to glare at me.

The photo is of an old plate propped in the window, also you will see a pic of the wrapper of the fabric sheets I use in the printer, they are the same size as printer papers.

So if blogger will let me the the wrapper, the photos, the paintings, the finished fabrics I want to use, designed and altered on the computer. If you do this take your paper out of the printer and do one fabric sheet at a time, this is an ink jet printer, and I do a setting for more saturation than I would for paper.

One More painting the painting with the printing on fabric, and the photo of the fabric sheet package photo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sewing, Quilting, Altering

I did another quilt, 24X24in. This did not photograph well, I like it it looks nice
with pillows and some other things on a sofa. a couple days off and on of machine quilting. I just wanted to touch fabric, quilt, put colors together, and actually this was a runner I cut in half and decided to work on an art quilt, more of a crazy quilt, but they were certainly art quilts. The studio is a horrible mess with both sewing and painting going on.

You will see a thrift store plate, so pretty. That is in a card form and altered in Print Shop.

A friend gave me this scarf, so pretty and delicate. I also took a photo of one of the last decorations before they all came down. Things are back in place now.

A couple more if blogger will allow

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fabric, Quilt,photos

I have been in the mood to sew, I am not jumping for joy with this small quilt does look nice where it hangs over a small cabinet. I cannot get a photo of that, not enough light there, I will try again when there is more light from a brighter day.

Things Put away, things taken out, Notes on the calendar so I remember easily next Dec. that some things got put in a different place. Also winter flowers.