Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paper bag Painting 17X9

Trying this again blog was unresponsive to spellcheck and other. This painting has various changes an improved face,that was the best improvemnt, an added bird that was digital, also a little odd in the middle from scanning in two parts, the scrolls are bent looking. Also around the stamp some additions to get more tranparency. I think you can see the notch in the paper, so framing will be a bit tricky. I thought it would be hung in the bathroom for a while.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Always, Art Therapy

Always when I lose a person or a pet I have to paint, it helps, I have the urge to
think and remember as I work. Once again I read HERE and worked on that technique on a large 16X20 painting of a person and her pets. It just felt good. You will also see the last vestiges of garden and a photo of what is on a table in the sun room.

BTW I thought that (sensible remains) is such an appropriate word in the definition of vestiges.

Lynn Hoppe that is who I refer to, vist her and be delighted.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Journal pages

I have done some journal pages lately, quite a few there has been a lot to journal about, I usually write something after I post the major part of the page.

I have been visiting Lynne Hoppe's blog here she has offered a tutorial describing technique and info of how to have that beautiful look that she has in her work. It has been so much fun for me. I have been altering a little Bisquick Cookbook with my attempts. It takes the many layers well. I paid close attention to Lynne's advice on treating the paper with matt medium, it does make the surface strong. thank you Lynne for this fun time. When I look at them I get the feeling they disapprove....of something.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missing Our Dog Josie

In June she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, it progressed very slow over the summer, yesterday was a hard day for her. A wonderful dog. It did drive me crazy when she would stand in the middle of the road and she did that frequently in her good health. She was a rescued dog, she had 10 puppies and they were going to good homes the day we got her from shelter care. She was a yr. old then and she is 12 now.

I just had to add a photo of our Cat Hermie, we was watching me post this.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Funny Things Happen

I painted this in the early part of the week, I am a little more partial to it then some paintings I do. Then I visited Sharon Tomlinson's Blog and saw the clothing design in her painting print that is a chance to win now. I have explained this to her.

I saw the design on the cover of this old 1883 book by Mrs. Molresworth, Illistrated by Leslie Brooke, it doesn't seem to me the cover illustration is by this artist.
I was very much inspired by the cover of this old book. The title of the book is "Mary"and other children's stories.

I have been scanning and printing fabric and suing the designs in the paintings, iat seems a littlae easier tog et just what I want for color.

You have to strain your eyes to see the head gear on the woman on this book cover.
So old and faded. The color of the cover altered to get a little better look at the picture. Also one of the photos of my painting has a blurr in the middle, the reason, scanned in two parts. This is the one with the most accurate color.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tribute to the Ditch Lily

We have them near nearly every home along the rural roads. If you did a clump up in your innocent though that just a few would be nice in the garden they don't follow that rule of a few they want to be many. I don't just love them, I appreciate them there is comfort in their consistent appearance. If you look closely their color isn't ordinary at all and can vary because of the soil. They are done now, but they have inspired me all summer and in Sept. and Oct. I love orange.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A July Painting

I never knew what to say about this painting, it has the feel of comic book space travel to me. Not exactly what I wanted that day. The feeling came from a piece of paper in a magazine of some jewelry, that metal swirl in the corner looks like a flying saucer or space ship to me. It is what it is. Even when I mix it up it still has this odd quality and I like odd just not this odd. that's not quite true either I sort of like it, if I didn't it would of been in the trash by August.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old Wallpaper Feelings

I remember a lot of old wallpaper, wall paper would get marks from what was under, rough wall, something that leeched, and of course things that just happened in everyday life, it was really a paper and did not have a wipe off finish. I can't get rid of that memory when I look at this paintings background. What inspired the painting was not wallpaper it was the golden glow of late summer mornings, how the sun turns everything golden. Happens in the evening also, like right now, I had to go check.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Alterations

Some of the paintings, photos, garden, things around the house you have seen before, they are just put together in a different way for this post. My favorite is the one with the cat, it is a soap bottle that has the plunger removed.

Hope you're enjoying time with family, friends, and time off. Time to be is so important, one of my favorite journal pages is about being. I mean pages also as I do that subject all the time.