Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Don't you love it, a suggestion of and not quite I love that also. this is collage and acrylic. Not a struggle as some paintings become, sometimes fresh out of ideas of how to or where to find something for my additions and who would think glass candle holders. Things that you use in this sort of art that are glass take a weak blush of color so well.

We have a snow day here schools closed for miles the storm was not horrible, just wet and wide. a painting day for certain.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Women and Cats

have painted a lot, I love to see paintings of other artists do,people with cats, I never can decide which I like better cats or dogs. I have a cat that listens, a little slipery cat that weasels out of and into things. I have said this before but she came the day we put our dog down which was hard of course as that dog was also a pet that understood most of what I said. That comes from repetition. Ir maybe it comes from being simple. (not the dog) My husband would always say to her, go see the dog boss, and she would look to me. I ramble.

I need the garden, outside work, dirt, mindless tending of an area I know so well.
We have a pending storm of up to 12 inches of snow, and really we need this but the bleakness of morning light on new snow that is heavy, hard to move stuff is not pleasant. Yet, it is another mindless job that gets me outside.

So I listen so sad songs of lost things and paint. Really the train of thought here is vague.

Too full of scattered thought. Like my faces the cats too look alike, maybe from the same litter.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There Was A Crooked Little House

This painting didn't start out that way it just happened that orange things worked, I worked on this a couple weeks off and on. I did some transfers and how I can manage crooked is a great gift to have.:>) Sometimes straight things look crooked to me. Martha Stewart Mags have offered great collage things found some old ones.
Never find old glamour magazines.

I have phases of trouble, eyes often, now lips, sometimes chins, just have work through them, bless the product gesso. Walmart has large jars of it.

I am so amused, the jockey on the radio just said, that the gift that keeps on giving is a pregnant cat. This was not a classical station.

Hope I can upload blogger is giving me a bit of trouble this morning. I always fear it is me not them. Please dismiss that finch, good grief.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Expirmenting , Add Heres

Add Heres that is what they are called you can go Add Heres to look at them there are 87 or so choices not all appropriate for me but some are. I got them at Walmart a few months ago.

When I had the face done the face was too smooth for all that texture in the work on the Add Here, so I had to distress it with an emery board. Have to be careful because the scratching can't be repaired very well. I don't think I would do a lot of these maybe one more, there are 4 in a package and they are all different, but coordinated. I also cut out parts of one of the other sheets for addtional design for example the birds, her dress, a leaf or two. There is a photo of one that is not cut up, they measure 12X12 1/2

Friday, February 17, 2012

Robin Return

This may be some sort of a trick, but I did see at least 20 Robins on Wednesday, a very warm day, and I don't really know how a trick would come about anyway. I haven't see any since. However seeing them was an inspiration, a strong inspiration at first then it sort of faded into the fog. If you are an artist and most likely you are if your reading this.... when doing a painting starts to feel the same as scrubbing the floor you know inspiration has weakened. Still except for the spatters on her face this is Ok. Just OK.

Thinking of the spatters, I remember at an art fair a time ago I had this painting
framed and ready on the rack for sale. There was a tiny spot in some pale background
very tiny, The buyer asked me to take it apart and remove that tiny spot, and I did.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why One needs a Journal, a Ramble

To write the stuff that you need to say, I never really trust a journal someone sometime will read it. I do have one with some angry days and some art work. no one can read the writing, maybe some words stand out, kids would say, mom ever talked like that, well mom thought like that and I do say things also. I haven't journaled for a while, I make copies of photos and put them in a journal with additions
but not nitty gritty words. You know what else? Writing it makes it true. I think you have read me writing about Magic Slates where you life the top sheet and all is gone. Etch a Sketch is such a labor.

So some photos today, I tried birds, couldn't get them not right light, not right colors on the ground. The Red polls so many, so pretty, siskins, and finches. it is like they fall out of the trees to land on the ground. So,I have a book from 1917, Birds of America the art plates by Louis Agassiz Fuertes. The other birds are some metal birds I have and a painting.

Still working on the panting of the 3 faces, do they say anything about feelings,
you would really have to read the writing on the wall.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb. Near Half Done

One of those quick paintings just had to paint in the middle of a huge mess in the art room, (I can never Say studio)

Plus some photos, have to get heart things in this week.

I really have no idea how Elsi got this heart on her face in the photo, I am outside
the screen you can see thru the house into more windows and everything reflects plus it looks like some expensive furniture I don't have. I have been using this window for photos all winter as it creates such good illusions.

A heart quilt made from a jumpsuit that was tie dyed ,not mine, a very inconvenient piece of clothing to wear.

I don't have a thought provoking idea, I have mind clutter, it stops intelligent thinking that might be interesting or profound.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When a quilt is not a quilt, and a painting not yet done +++

and the plus,,,I made this silt this morning of things in a large file I wanted to post, none of my notes ring a bell and it is the title of the item in the file.
I hope I have the sparkling water, it was funny all that light danced in the camera lens I have no idea, rainbow lines.

This time of year is a good time for valentines we need that color, red I have red in some of the photos here I think??? also orange.

The orange is a painting that I have only 1/3 showing here, really collage and painting. Not going really well, somehow I have forgotten how to make a different shape lip, I have a sheet of lips here and only half good.

A little hard to concentrate, baking cookies for Richard to take to a potluck. If I leave the kitchen all in the oven is forgotten.

If all photos are out of order with the words, detectives will know I did the post.

I forgot some of you have seen the valentine made from the cat food bag.

So glad you come to see me.

One more

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yes, quite for some reason you may know and recognize how it feels. I didn't even finish a post yesterday did some writing and then..gone.

Thinking of valentines last evening then spent way too long one one small one, sort of fun after it started to come together. I sewed parts of a necktie on it and some odd yarn. It is on embossed paper.

Also a bird stamp, I like to make large envelopes out of scrap booking papers, I like to use the little spread apart brads to hold the folds and give them with little pictures, papers, bracelet, whatever so that is what this part is stamped on. I cut the bird design into foam, painted on it and pressed it to the good paper.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo Altering,

Having this clutterly nature, makes it seem natural to not leave photos in their first state. We use to say develop about photos, now we load them. I take a lot of photos around the house of just stuff, even stuff I have to hunt for, because I have learned from looking at other photos anything can loom good. My husband thinks photos lie and they can, but for me and what I do the lie is OK.