Monday, March 26, 2012

Painting Faces Again

I have done a few landscapes lately, there is not the same feeling about doing that as I use to have, but I like to, enjoy watery sort of paintings. This was more fun and to do a swirl of hair was even more fun and rather brave for me. I thought what the heck, it is just so hard to have something completely fail. No one even needs to know, but I know and then to go back and start again....well you know. It is worse then painting a room a color I end up hating and having to do that over. A room is not as personal.
One thing the scanner seems to pick up these glued flowers so bright, I don't like that.
Thanks for your visits. Comment or no comment your appreciated. I don't always comment either, and I like everything I see.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Me, In A Way of Symbolism

Feels like me, reminds me of the 80s and me, thoughts that swirl around the head like that now and always, so it is about a feeling and not an actual. Isn't that what a painting is anyway, an impression of what is? An impression that reminds stirs more of one's being and says more, of course that is why we have a camera for the actual, then I have to change that also. It doesn't mean the actual isn't good enough, it only means that it was painted or altered for the sake of interest and even beauty. We alter ourselves everyday from the first look in the mirror until we leave the house, I have put lipstick on to garden or talk on the phone. Even exercise is altering, we are told to hold stomach in tight, a form of altering, even if it doesn't respond.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What? Simplicity

Trying this again, I have done this several times and the spell check and photo upload won't respond. After a refresh they do.

Now I have lost my train of thought decided what I said before was thought didn't really go with the painting, I do that, but I blog is for writing what you think.
I was thinking of time, how there are periods of time when I can get everything done,or so it looks like I have things done. It is called cosmetic housekeeping,
the outer looks fine but if you look the inner depths are not. I said to my husband once that I had the skill of putting alot of stuff in a small space, he said, that was the problem.

Anyway time and painting and planning, then not following the plan, I had some commissioned work and then I did stick to the plan. I will post those at a later date. This is what came out of another plan.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

About Patterns

Papers for crafts are so pretty, I have some don't use them much, today after going to get new washer, and dryer which is really nice as mine are near to 30 yrs old and over that. Also outside calls as it is 80 degrees so we trimmed bushes and some perennials, and put up a new trellis. I wanted to paint and after a few days of careful painting which I can't show yet I wanted different. I drew the design, traced the parts on paper cut them out and drew them on scrap booking papers. Did other designs and then glued them down around the faces. Really a lot of fun.
measures around 15X8.

Always the struggle to have a face that doesn't look like my work, how can it look different?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Journal Page

Just a smallish painting because I didn't feel like straightening up the studio area.
I had been reading Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and found his words good for text, but didn't use any. He talked about the best holidays and the private anniversaries of the heart, then it suddenly took on the feeling of foolish so didn't snip any. Then I started doodling small faces and just continued with paper stencils and napkin cuttings. Now the mess remains and I have started something else at the art table.

The thing about Text on a painting someone always asks what that means or they say I can't see what the words are, I think that part is fun, there has to be some mystery there I think. Frequently I look at it and think, glad I got over that mood. Life holds a lot to get over. The personal spirit is quite smart in it's ability.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

No Title, A lot of Fussing

So nice in the North, and did take a walk but fussed with this the eyes, the lips, and she seems a bit too serious. Have not showed anyone, well Richard and I new at first too dark around the eyes. Wish the common eraser worked for me, I used quite a lot of colored pencil and pieces of fabric scanned. There is a lot more I like then not. She does have a story, just like us all. I just didn't want her story to be ripping at her heart. And better hair not all covered, a big step for me.
Odd color for delphiniums. still they have a pleasing curve.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inconsistant Moods

How is that for a red flag? Well the painting mood varies. The whole problem is I don't know right now what I want. I can't go by what people choose as favorite or want, that isn't what I always want. Reaching for a deeper skill, always reaching.
The woman in gray, I showed her to Richard, he said she looked tired, nothing wrong with that, tired is a woman's plight. I wanted her more sensuous, for most women there is a difference. (You can laugh) I am.

The pale is not really me either, but Ok fun could have a place on the wall. Sometimes one can feel about their own art I love this I can't stop looking and thinking what was the magic of that day? Sometimes it just falls right, the brush can't miss, the next day that brush seems like junk.

Well that is how it is and always will be not hard to dispose of paper and paint.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

For The Love of Dogs

Just the reason for this is the love of dogs, a dog never looks at you and thinks, Geeze your getting old, or what happened to your hair, or that right eye has a bag, a dog just looks and wags is is so thankful that your there. Not that family does these things but we do them to ourselves. I need a dog, but this is the first summer that we don't have one in a long time and it would be nice to go someplace and not have that kennel run, I hate those eyes as we leave the dog for the stay.
Except a dog is handy if you want to leave someplace, you can always say we have a dog that will be wanting out. Ok this is not a dog blog.