Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Argue With Me

This is spring 2011 in our part of the country, patches of snow everyday that fall over night or early morning. We live near hills, the hills have some vegetation of various colors and seem even blue frequently. In places it is greener but not a healthy green and the wild grasses have not gorwn enough to cover the old last years dead grass. If you are saying that isn't spring it has been our spring.

This is watercolor not acrylic like I usually use, done on watercolor paper. A hard finish on the paper so if I use nonstaining colors I can change my mind and wipe the paint off.

This is a long narrow painting so my photo program had to do a put-together, right now I have too many art projects going and nothing done except this. this has to get framed, I can't just have paintings of angels and faces all over the house there has to be a mix. Also working on an art quilt, I keep changing my mind on the composition of that. This changing of the mind does not mean better work, just going ahead and doing one's idea and sticking with it to the final stroke or stitch is most always better for me in the final exam.

This has been an all day thing, the painting that will not get framed I cropped some parts and they will be smaller paintings that get used for cards, or something.
so this is one whole painting that has a blur in the middle from putting together with Printshop, the rest are parts.

At this time the sun is out and things look spring. I do remember that this cold and snow is better than the destruction in the southern states, the loss of life the devastation the people feel.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OK I Will

I have not been sure I was going to post this painting, it is one of those paintings that one minute I really like and then I start to pick it apart. I also carry it around with me, upstairs, downstairs, and tape it up so when I have coffee I can look at it. It meets my standards, almost, and then it doesn't, but then it does.
Wishy Washing is Ok as long as you know for sure.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Eggs and Mens Ties

I am sure some of you know about dyeing eggs using silk ties. In case your don't you cut squares of silk, only silk and wrap the egg with the right side of the fabric against the egg, tie the excess fabric tightly at the small end of the egg. Next tie a piece of what cotton fabric around the egg in the same manner, nice and secire. Use dark patterened ties, green rarely shows up well on the eggs.
If you have 8 eggs and can cook them in a 2 Qt. pan add a 1/4th cup of white vinegar to the water and boil eggs for 30 minutes. Let cool, cut ties and have fun artistic eggs.

These are mine. I have to say that like all things preparation can take a while, cutting fabric, and tieing up these eggs and especially if you have to cut the ties apart, so if you have silk scarves, or some old silk shirts from a thrift that goes a little quicker. I still felt it was worth it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Angel Mood

The mood to paint angels comes over me frequently, I need a wing class tho I think.

I also wanted to do a background with running dripping paint, I did do that and you can see it a bit but a lot of it is under layers. I also lost some of the runs by sanding near her dress, I wanted that vague look around her clothes. I will try this again. You know what happenes by accident is difficult to imitate. That is probably the most profound thing I will say this week. :>) the other thing about the dripping running paint it reminds me of plumbing in this particular work.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Remember in the previous post I said this was a partial painting, that I glued it to a piece of brown paper and worked the background and various other things into the painting to make it larger and to have a seamless look if I could achieve that. In the beginning it measured 8X12 it now meaures 8X20. It had to fit a frame I have.
it does fee good to hang different art.

Then a few post back I mentioned my quilted book and showed some photos or scans of pages, these photos are not super at all but this is how the book looks finished.
It is quite brighter than these photos indicate.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feels Like Friday

To me it does, but what luck another day this week, I don't believe in rushing time.

This really is the beginning of a painting, this part is done, but then I wanted it larger so I covered a cardboard with brown paper and glued the painting unto that, then did more background and additions. I will try to get a photo, my photos of things like a painting are not good at all. It has to be me not the camera and I have not practiced at all this winter and early spring. Do I remember how to get photos from camera to computer? Anyway fun painting/collage, there are magazine bits in this, newspaper, napkins, pencil, paint, matt medium, stamping, ink,.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Lost My Simplicity

It doesn't matter that I did, what is a surprise it took 3 days to do a painting that is 8X8 and the other evening I did one much larger in just the evening with a few minor things the next day. I like her dress it reminds me of a Simplicity pattern from years ago, especially the design in the fabric.

However I have a spring feeling with this painting, and it has to be a feeling because it is not an actual happening, we still have a lot of snow. It snowed off and on last week and was cold.

I have a friend who always says I will have one of those with everything, meaning she wants birds and butterflies, necklaces, flowers, head gear. This painting also has paint, papers, napkins, ink, pencil, stamping, colored pencils. Do you know what happens .........The painting is not going well and I start this scramble to make it better. I need a little more faith that it will be fine and to stop the scramble.