Monday, August 13, 2012

There is a Difference

At least I am going to claim there is, the difference between excited and boasting. It isn't often that I do something I really like,  sort of like, or feel Ok, and I didn't really like this at first, but I like the faded face.
This is digital art, fabric, paintings, hand written words, in collage. So excitement and good feelings.
For the time being I also used it as my cover on Facebook.


wanda miller said...

i just LOVE this too em!
yes, i too have been bummin' it! and it's been good to do so. lots of new artwork and explorations and summer fun. i too hope to get back into the swing of things when there is more time, MAYBE? XO

Kris said...

I looked for you on Facebook and can't find you. I am under Kris Webber Thompson, so friend me! :) I love this new look of the faded face!