Thursday, May 23, 2013

The trials of new computer, I don't understand it, that isn't quite true I do but can't get things right, I hate the ads that show on this blog on the old computer, can get rid of them for a while and new ones show up.  I don't need photos of someone else's declining behind, I can see that at home. I don't even want to see someone else's firm behind and that is because I can't see that at home.
The other thing is color of my posts are not as good as on the old.  What I did learn is the angel of the laptop screen changes the color a lot.  I see the same with the TV.
This is another fiber art face, a lot of these works are experiments,  learn as you go, the best way to learn is to do it, give it your all, give he new part of your life the best that you have, you willhave more the next time.

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Gloria in CA said...

Hi Emelie. Nice to see you. Great work as always. Getting used to a new computer is always difficult for me. Takes time. Hang in there. Hope you are doing well. Take care