Tuesday, June 11, 2013

an Error Message

I am laughing, Carol King is singing You're So Vain" I didn't think these photos of myself were working, there was no indication they were, so I left the blog in a huff. so there I am three times. Oh well I will leave them for a day or two Have to post with a picture collage and paint, papers also.


Say It In Color said...

These...again are wonderful!! And I love your PHOTO collage to the right....all three of them!! You have really busy....and you deserve to have the mess creating....I have yet to figure out how to create in a neat fashion....it is just spread all around me!!! I've got a few ideas coming in my head though for being a little more organized! I hope....love the new work!!!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Love the YOU in your sidebar. And as always, love your collage girl with the swan.