Tuesday, May 8, 2012


While gardening I was thinking about the neck, mostly becaue I had just looked at my own and it seemed to need some pressing. Also I think of them because I am never sure how to paint them. Light and shadows have a way of confusing me, that is why I was looking in the mirror. Mirrors don't lie. I wonder why the neck shows signs of age, maybe not before legs, legs have a way of looking quilted. The neck has a lot of stress, gritted teeth, straining, giving you a stiff upper lip, and keeping your head straight. Maybe is it just telling me all that it has been through.


Judy said...

Oh Emelie.. you crack me up! A great post, artsy friend!! Your lady's neck looks great! Wish I could come back with some witty, like your post, but, I'm short on words at the moment.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Your words always always make me happy. Hope you are finding time to paint these days.