Monday, April 30, 2012

Time Marches On

Tracey Lawrence sings a woeful song about time, a story he must know something about or couldn't write such. We all have a story and a mere change of words and the song could ours, we cold hold on to the refrain for the stability or the uncertainy. The art work changs also and there are times I would like to capture what I did two years ago and it is gone. Days are also more complicated now, if you experience that you know about loving the change, but trying to find you're more settled self. The garden is an old thing but still complicates things as it ia have to being also a want to. I would think with an adult mind that doesn't alays feel very adult it would all work and it does, but time marches on.


Say It In Color said...

Emelie....these are making me think of trying the bible thing!! The first one is my favorite!!! Love that see thru thing you do! Did you take a class from Nora? I am dying to when I get time and get moved and settled! Your flowers are incredibly beautiful! We are downsizing and will have less room for such a two acre yard we care for now....but as you say "Time marches on..." As long as I have some to see and can get my hands in the dirt and in some glue or paint, I'm reading God's word soothes me and I want to illustrate on the favorite places that give me so much comfort! I want to add you to my blog list and keep forgetting to update my blog....will do ....HUGS and BLESSINGS to you....looks like you live in a gorgeous place!

Diane said...

It's amazing how fast time does march--I'd say it's not marching, but running VERY fast...probably because when you're in a happy place in your life--it just flies by.
I guess that's the price we have to pay.
You're in your element now with gardening and your wonderful art.

wanda miller said...

i am marching over to your garden in is incredible, a labor of love is obviously here! and your girlies are wonderful too! xo

Theresa said...

Love the vibrant garden view and your girls fit in perfectly!