Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fabric Collage Book, and other

I have started on my quilted fabric collage book, I have 4 pages, the quilted collage pieces you see here will be folded in half when I put this together. Really this piece is done on both siudes so it would make 4 pages, the plan fight now is to do 4 of these and then have 16 pages. This measures 6X12 inches. There is no purpose to this really except I want to have made a fabric journal. I will do some script and I have not decided yet how to do it, I might just do some random writings on fabric with different fonts and print it off on fabric, then cut them up and hand or machine sew them. I may use a fine tip permanent marker and write, except I don't ever like my own writing, except it is more original with one's own writing. I see a hint of not being able to make up my mind.

I paint on brown paper a lot, I have said this before I like how it irons when I am working on a painting, the paper wants to roll that is why I iron it and I do use spray starch on the back. I just cut up grocery bags. This is a piece prepared for the painting of a face and you can see the pencil drawing that is quite simple ready for the painting.

Now that I can drive again run my own errands and do just about anything around the house I have less time for these projects. This is not a complaint I am thankful all the time to be able. Remember when I said I will be thankful each day for small things? I will be. Also to have life feel good, everything I do does not have to have a purpose it can just be becaue I like to do it. You can have that also.


Rebecca Anthony said...

Oh now I am in heaven looking at this. I am so enthralled with needlepoint lately and thought of doing a fabric journal. This is so inspiring Emelie! What a beautiful start to an impressive project(O:

Diane said...

I'm so glad that you're getting back to "normal". I envy your sewing skills, and am in love with your sketch in progress.

Rosemary said...

Emelie, you are such an inspiration. I love what you do, there is no end to your creativity. You've inspired me to drag out my art table (put away at Christmas) and start playing again. Rosemary

Theresa said...

Beautiful Em!!! Always fascinating to see your latest project! Wonderful to hear you are feeling so well.