Saturday, January 29, 2011

Easy One Day, Hard The Next

Seems that is how art can be, one day things fall into place, the brush can't do wrong, the colors mix in a brilliant way,the erasing and scraping off of paint and graphite are on purpose not because it looks terrible. I have struggled with this painting, erased, scraped, sanded, added and then repeated the process before mentioned. Actually that is rather fun, one has a feeling of ruining, but then what one is trying to achieve are ruins.

This painting is 6X11 approximate. I also used photos of antique buttons for the design around the head and her neck it was all the same button, I had two photos.

It could be that I am just giddy about driving, being done with supervised therapy, and doing pretty well. Nine weeks since I broke my leg, even for me time has vanished quickly. All aspects are not back to normal, a lot are, the leg is still weak, I walk with the cane yet. I still have to go to the gymn for exercise and one should do that anyway, these are strengthening exercises, not cardio.

Thank you for coming by and your well wishes, helps the day and the recovery.


Laura A. said...

I like the button part of this... looks like you hammered metal around her neck! And am lovin' the darker bits of green. The background and onto the face and neck look very marbled... nice effect.

Glad to hear you are still improving so nicely, Emelie. But you so remind me that I haven't been on my treadmill these last 2 days. Bad me bad me!

Anonymous said...

I finally found you!
You have left numerous favorable comments on my blog and I clicked on your link to respond and was unable to reach you?
You are so kind and your art is PROLIFIC!
Isn't it fun messing around with the doing and undoing and adding and subtracting.. Art is art..
No mistakes invoved eh?
I am so please to have found you, I will add you to my blog list now.


Diane said...

Oh Emelie, just when I thought it couldn't get any better---it does!!
And I'm so happy for you that you can drive now--you're getting there!

wanda miller said...

oh i know what you are talkin' about, em! and the final outcome here is just scrumptious, beautiful work. i always like your colors that you mix! and am sooo glad you continue to mend. i would be giddy too, being able to drive...hip hip hooray...or should have said leg leg hooray! xoxo

Rebecca Anthony said...

I can't believe how rich this piece looks, it's gorgeous!

Theresa said...

Em! She's wonderful! Her expression is priceless...So happy to hear your recovery is going well:)