Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Argue With Me

This is spring 2011 in our part of the country, patches of snow everyday that fall over night or early morning. We live near hills, the hills have some vegetation of various colors and seem even blue frequently. In places it is greener but not a healthy green and the wild grasses have not gorwn enough to cover the old last years dead grass. If you are saying that isn't spring it has been our spring.

This is watercolor not acrylic like I usually use, done on watercolor paper. A hard finish on the paper so if I use nonstaining colors I can change my mind and wipe the paint off.

This is a long narrow painting so my photo program had to do a put-together, right now I have too many art projects going and nothing done except this. this has to get framed, I can't just have paintings of angels and faces all over the house there has to be a mix. Also working on an art quilt, I keep changing my mind on the composition of that. This changing of the mind does not mean better work, just going ahead and doing one's idea and sticking with it to the final stroke or stitch is most always better for me in the final exam.

This has been an all day thing, the painting that will not get framed I cropped some parts and they will be smaller paintings that get used for cards, or something.
so this is one whole painting that has a blur in the middle from putting together with Printshop, the rest are parts.

At this time the sun is out and things look spring. I do remember that this cold and snow is better than the destruction in the southern states, the loss of life the devastation the people feel.


Gloria said...

Wow! That is beautiful Emelie! I had no idea you also painted scenery, etc. You've done a great job, very nice. It's beautiful.

Joyfulploys said...

Beautiful Emelie! These a great landscapes...what a talent! Thanks for your kind comment you left for me!

Diane said...

So excellent Emelie--this painting has your special touch which I love.

It is trying very hard here to be Spring, but for every "spring-like" day, we get 4 of very cold weather. I just want it to be warm again!!

wanda miller said...

oh you cracked me up with your title!
these are so very beautiful and peaceful, em! i am astounded at your gifts..they are ALL to be treasured by so many of us. such a great post of words, per usual! xo

Judy said...

I like your landscapes a lot!! Your art is a joy to view!

Zorana said...

It really should be framed! You have a gift for watercolors! Such peaceful landscapes... great color and flow. Really lovely.