Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Lost My Simplicity

It doesn't matter that I did, what is a surprise it took 3 days to do a painting that is 8X8 and the other evening I did one much larger in just the evening with a few minor things the next day. I like her dress it reminds me of a Simplicity pattern from years ago, especially the design in the fabric.

However I have a spring feeling with this painting, and it has to be a feeling because it is not an actual happening, we still have a lot of snow. It snowed off and on last week and was cold.

I have a friend who always says I will have one of those with everything, meaning she wants birds and butterflies, necklaces, flowers, head gear. This painting also has paint, papers, napkins, ink, pencil, stamping, colored pencils. Do you know what happens .........The painting is not going well and I start this scramble to make it better. I need a little more faith that it will be fine and to stop the scramble.


Gloria said...

I love it. Your paintings and Lisa of priti studio have a resemblance to each other. You both have the same techniques in painting. Very nicely done. Have a great Sunday.

Connie said...

I love it too. Sometimes things just flow and other times it feels like total frustration. I've actually learned by being frustrated. Maybe you need to jab at the canvas with the brush? Say here take this and take that. Maybe it will make some interesting marks and loosen you up. You could always paint over it right? Anyway, I like your paintings and the little bird here has such an expressive face.

Laura A. said...

I know just what you mean, Emelie... sometimes you feel you might just throw everything plus the kitchen sink at it to make it better. But does it help? Your inner critic usually says no. My way now when I get that feeling washing over me is to step back and just breathe. And then look at it with calmer fresher eyes. Ha.. the kitchen sink wasn't needed after all!

And then you might end up with something you and others like (and sometimes maybe not so much). But you got through it without throwing things at it like you were mad at it.... rather than enjoying the process!

Hope spring finally gets to your neck of the woods. We are having some spring here. But are expecting big storms tomorrow. Yuck!

Diane said...

Your style just shines--I could pick it out anywhere. I agree with Laura--sometimes it really helps to walk away, but I know at times, it's very hard and it frustrates you even more. This happened to me this morning--before I really put anything down on the surface, I just started experimenting with different collage elements, and then it just clicked, and I love it now. But, mind you, I've "playing" around with this piece since last night--Arrrgh!!!

wanda miller said...

man oh man, i hear ya' too, em. i just get so angry when i have to work sooooo hard to make a piece right...and like someone else said, i think that's when i learn the most...just like life. you remember it better because you struggled so.
she is so feeling SPRING, if ya' can't have it, paint it, huh?!
i looked ever so close and love all the many layers of colors, especially on HER and BIRDIE! the colors and compostion are just stunning...i see shadows and light then shadows, depth and light!!! MARVELOUS job! xoxo

wanda miller said...