Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Angel Mood

The mood to paint angels comes over me frequently, I need a wing class tho I think.

I also wanted to do a background with running dripping paint, I did do that and you can see it a bit but a lot of it is under layers. I also lost some of the runs by sanding near her dress, I wanted that vague look around her clothes. I will try this again. You know what happenes by accident is difficult to imitate. That is probably the most profound thing I will say this week. :>) the other thing about the dripping running paint it reminds me of plumbing in this particular work.


Janie Husband said...

i think this is beautiful....i am sooo attracted to your pieces.....they are wonderful..

Rebecca Anthony said...

I really love the face on this one, I think it may be the hair! I love all your faces and they all have a similar feel like they are from the same family or in this case done by the same talented artist!
Beautiful angel!

Diane said...


Joyfulploys said...

Emelie...thanks for coming by my blog. What a wonderful face and the yellow bird is such a sweet touch to this painting!!