Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn, And All That Goes With

With one exception, the little cat, she appeared around the time we lost our dog to illness. Some say this is a gift, I am not so sure I need another cat. She has charming ways and is so cute.

The rest, a dusty harvest, a doodle, and the garden. In all truth the garden does not look that good and these photos have not bee touched up. It was the day, the atmosphere was just right, the light perfect.


Emelie said...

Checking to see if I can leave comment on my blog

Anonymous said...

I hope I am able to leave a comment on your blog..

Anonymous said...

Yeahhh!! It worked.. I see very few people have posted on my blog and when I tried to post on yours many times, I could not.
Hope we figure it all out.
I know your Blog icon is greyed out. It ought to be ORANGE?
Anywhooo.. I love your little kitty.. she looks just like MINE!
Always so nice to hear from you ..
you have such kind words of wisdom for us all.
thank you Emelie

Jacqueline said...

Hi Emelie, I love your garden! Do you like autumn? I do, it's my favourite season, and I love spring also. In the autumn season it's warm inside and everything is so cozy, don't you think? Love to see your little kitty is still around!
Love, Jacqueline