Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maybe, Certainly

This collage looks to be about GRIEF. Not intended but feelings come to the surface when doing art, not always, sometimes for me it is just doing and creating and it is superficial, other times the feelings just surface in the artwork. If I sat down and said I feel sort of sad I will paint that now, that does not always work. I miss my dog. There are lots of things to say about that but I won't.

Also some garden and maybe some altered photos. The last things that can bloom in a growing season are blooming and some have gone past peak, I do even grieve for garden, it is such a mainstay from first crocus to last mum, so much in between and so fast that it is gone before one feels they have had enough time to really take it in. What is so good about these things that I miss and will miss is it is not at all hard to do something about them.

Really I should also take a look at overdoing a collage.

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wanda miller said...

i'm so glad you mentioned having trouble with leaving comments too emelie. i have been so outta' the loop, if figured it was something wrong with my blogging cyberspace voodoo work!
i feel the same way about my gardens fading and yet this year we have experienced the same...things are hanging on longer even as the trees begin to turn. some day i home to walk in that garden of yours, but till then, thank you for bringing it to us, so so heavenly. did you just lose a dog or are missing one terribly? xo