Friday, October 14, 2011

Collage and Paint

The best, this painting is about "YOUTH" That is all I will say and you knew that anyway. Measures 16X20 a paint over of a painting that just was not going to come around too much was wrong.

I hope you can post, I have no idea why some cannot. I did read there were problems around the blogger world of this nature, but it should get cleared up and not go on and on.


Emelie said...
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A Dancing Mango said...
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A Dancing Mango said...

This is awesome. The colors are enchanting and the theme is enchanting and warms my heart.
That is what art is suppose to do.
"leave a mark on ones heart"..
Thank you .. I love this.

Judy said...


I'm really enjoying this piece!! As DM said, "it warms my heart!!" WEll done! Hope this posts this time...

wanda miller said...


wanda miller said... are now one of the few emelie, that i can leave a post with blogger...LOVE THIS AND ESPECIALLY THE TWO IN THE BACKGROUND!
i found a place where blogger explained why all this might be happening. but i can't find any place to leave a message like some people have. i'd like to let them know that they are infuriating me! and give up this nonsense!