Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fabric, Paint, Cardboard, Snow

The snow part is we are having a big snowstorm, many inches again on the melted areas we did have. A set back in spring, I don't mind this always use to happen in
March it is just that it hasn't for a few years so we get complacent and then are annoyed when we get normal. At times the snow reminds one of a sheer curtain moving in the wind, gusts carry snow across the landscape giving a tranparent look and an opaque look all at the same time in various degrees and areas.

I started another quilted/fabric journal, I enjoy doing them when the sewing mood strikes me. I think this will be the cover, on the inside pages I want pockets with a small item inside showing a bit. My SIL sent me some fabric that has a pocket design, I want to use some of that fabric. These are previous posted paintings sized small for the book. The journal is 5 1/2 X 5 1/2 in. If I was or if I had been thinking I would of added some text in making my sheets to cut apart for this. I usually owrk how I feel and not write, except in a different journal that is a lot of pasteing and messy writing.

I also have this painting on cardboard, caqrdboard that has been distressed and ripped, the painting is not done, It could be, but I want something else in it.


wanda miller said...

Oh emelie, these are ALL so dang special in such different ways. i love the cardboard one, JUST THE WAY it is!
i love the way you explained the curtain of snow and how mother nature does her back and forth show, so true.
we have had so much rain, very little sunshine (but it has to show up some day) so your work here brightened my day ALL THE WAY!! xoxo

Rebecca Anthony said...

I could sit and look at the detail of your work for a long time. Such softness but intricate at the same time. I really wish the snow would go away, it had all melted like you said and then it cam again. I am ready for spring. I want to hear the birds chirping and feel the warm breeze!

Diane said...

Yes, the detail--always such lovely detail and feelings to your art.
I want Spring too!!