Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Gathering

That is the focus of this angel, the search for spring, if you look carefully a lot of the finds are not from nature. That is how it would be in Northern WI if I searched.

I also noticed a note pad on the table, I liked the cover so I scanned that design into the computer to use in this art work, these pages go into a journal. A journal I have worked on all winter, many of the pages in this blog since last August are journal pages.


Rebecca Anthony said...

My goodness Emelie, she is one beautiful lady gathering for spring. This is truly stunning!

Gloria said...

Emelie, this is outstanding work! You really put your soul into all your work. I love it and Spring will surely be in the air for her. Have a great Sunday.

Connie said...

Hi Emelie,
Love your spring angel. I'm sure she will bless all the little seeds and buds just waiting to pop up! Thanks for your sweet comment on my quilt.

Anonymous said...

Looks a little bit like a mysterious angel. I find it gorgeous.

wanda miller said...

how great these are...looking for spring.
i just LOVE your poppy buds in your previous post, em...really special they are! xo

Anonymous said...

I finally found you!
Thank you for the beautiful repsonses you leave at my blog.
However I can not get back to you as there is never a bloglink. It has your name with a gray color B.
Disables me to reply to you and so many times I wanted to.

I am loving your art sooo much,
it is all so beautiful and soooooo inspirational!
Thank you, Darlene

Theresa said...

Wonderfulness and fun watching you play with digitals too! Always love visiting you Em:)

Anonymous said...

emilie, It worked now!!
Thank you for your information.. it is always so nice to have you at my blog with such energy!
Thankyou.. ♥ Darlene

Sharon said...

I may have been missing. But I'm catching up today and I just had to tell you how much I enjoy all you colorful journal pages. I would love to hold this journal in my hands to enjoy. Oh how I love your poppy pods! Hope you get some big hints of spring soon.

wanda miller said...

oh em, you delight my soul and funny bone, constantly. i am feeling really lousy today, but not posting about it on my blog, antibiotics will surely take hold soon.
in the mean time, i want to say that i also LOVE her hair do...the wispys floating down, you are a constant inspiration.
as for algebra, yep yep, you are right on, phooey on that, yeah, what is it good for anyway! hahahaha xoxo