Monday, March 7, 2011

Scrappy bits

Really this is what this collage is, a lot of scraps laying on the table, scraps I sort of like, I suppose I could put them in a folder and title it "My Best Scraps"
Instead I decided to use them workable or not, that is sort of a labor as one thing does not always go well with another so colors have to be added to the background to help the scrap fit in.
Also a lot of texture from paint is not the best when doing a face, lumps and bumps tend to add distortion to an eye, lip, or nose. This all came from inner thoughts of being brave, however the art is having so much a look that is the same. For now that is OK because I did want 4 that were sort of simular using the photos of cut up buttons. Sometimes people want 3-4 prints that are sort of in the same vein. Sometimes I make cards that way to give. The point is brave still turned into a rather typical work.

Also a couple of these are digital alterations, the reason I save the prints of the alterations in a journal. Journals become like shoes or coats, very personal, just faces, just fun prints, small works from other people. I do get satisfaction from seeing several on a table. It even seems at times that I cannot possibly do them fast enough, isn't that missing the point of journaling, being in a hurry to finish, somehow that doesn't seem honest. There is an except.....Journals can be made as gifts and then you just leave room on the pages for them to take their time writing. That is a great gift to give, do people then say.....I could not bring myself to write in this. Perhaps this blogger has scattered thoughts this morning.


Rebecca Anthony said...

Absolutely stunning, I am in awe of you Emelie!!

Joyfulploys said...

Emelie, I haven't been by in a while. Your art is looking great! Painting can be a struggle sometimes. I love your fabric's all looking wonderful!

Gloria said...

I always love your work Emelie. Outstanding. Hope you are doing well.

wanda miller said...

this is so LOVELY LOVELY, dear em! i LOVE hearing all your thoughts! xo

Nelda said...

All those scraps are giving such a beautiful and rich texture to this piece. I am liking it very much.