Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Mix, an art Mix

We have heard the word mix a lot lately. especailly since we get snow and rain most days this spring. I also listen to a radio station that is also MIX, I listen for baseball but they play a music mix.

We lave very rural hard to get the good art magazines here, but I did find in a larger twon the Digital Art magazine, I love digital art but it feels sort of like I didn't do much, which is wrong as I have to scan a lot of things, take a lot of photos, and keep files of things to use which takes a lot of time. There is a different sort of excitement for digital art, and my cheating art heart also feels that my degital style recues some paintings that I maybe could of worked harder on.
Everything does not have to be hard!! That is true for all of us, I feel more rewarded sometimes if I really worked hard. Silly.

The original is posted here and the digital altered is here along with one cropped section. Some of my own photos were used in the digital work and they are so distorted they aren't what they are. Some sheet music and a pictures from a collection of pictures. This is just for personal use a journal of altered work.


Sharon said...

I love this and it is worth clicking to enlarge to see all the beautiful colors in her face. Also love that shoulder with the flower.

Rebecca Anthony said...

This is fabulous Emelie! I love her hand with the bird, such a wonderful way to mix media and the finished piece is exquisite!

wanda miller said...

DELIGHTFUL, BEAUTY, SPRING LIKE, COLORS TOO PRETTY...your words...always light my fire, em! it's like visiting you again and again...can never get enough of YOU and your work! xo

Theresa said...

Such a sweet piece Em - altered or not. Your art is always The BEST!