Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Tell Her

This is my daughters art work, the digital stuff is mine. I wanted to do a collage of some of her work. I altered it, and now will cut it up and mount it on a layed backgroundof newspaper and paint, and over that some more additions. She can have it or I will hang it for my pleasure. The altering is mostly fabric behind the painting layered with Print Shop. The reason I did that was to help me unify the
paintings with a consistant color.. the paintings are in her journal work.

It is more steps than quilting, doesn't take quite as much time. I hope I can get a good photo of the completed project, I am not the best photographer taking a picture of a picture.

If I am missing for some days it is a computer problem, right now it is acting fine,
Tuesday it was a complete malfunction, some understandable and some not. I don't believe it is over it's illness.


Nelda said...

Being able to do an art collaboration with your daughter is so cool.

Diane said...

Emelie--I am in awe--this is stunning!