Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photos, background, painting

The day is passing, I can't believe how the week has passed with just small things done, business phone, exercise, weeding (Not done) planting, exercise group in town, groceries, ti goes on and on and now that I see in writing I am not feeling so bad.
I also did some beading making the necklace part for the dominos I put my art on, and fixing a bracelet. Well I have done two necklaces, and lets not forget going to art shows and garage sales. In the meantime some things are dying in the gardens and not sure why, sometimes it just happens to transplants not often to me but maybe this is my year.

The point of this is I don't get something painted and I miss that the most. I have something started and I want white flowers by her face, and pears at her neck. and of course it won't be simple but it could be if I don't use everything that is on the table in the painting.

This is an April painting, a photo from last year of some container plantings and a birdbath I made from garage sale findss, the birdbath in in the photo. There is a piece of striped purple fabric around the edges and the black and white is a design that comes with photo shop and old program I use and only works up to windows XPThis program came with thousands of graphics and little did I know I would use this stuff in a manner that is so much fun because I didn't know a thing about altered photos then.

It has occured to me that if I didn't over explain I would have more time, remember Edith Bunker? I'm not that bad.


Clare said...

i love your lady - she is intriguing and the background is stunning. isn't it strange that when we don't paint we feel like we have missed out on something.

Joyfulploys said...

Hi your lady too. I like the dotted halo around her head...very pretty!

Nelda said...

I really love this painting. It is beautiful and all the elements make it so interesting.