Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Girl

The background has impressions, impressions of large buildings, when really it is music and just texture if you look closely, Then it might not look like that to you at all.

it is amazing what a new yellow can do, It is the most inexpensive acrylic you can buy in the little bottles, I bought a color called Pineapple, a pale yellow and mixed with kelly green, dark night blue, true burgandy and ochre and I get these colors. Also a lot of gesso for the white.

When your done with a painting do you try to go back and count the layers? With this I can remember 6. Portions have been sanded with an mery board,if you sand the edges of papers adhered to your work you can achieve a smooth surface and get an aged look. Also sanding any stamping you have done so it has a hit and miss appearance.

Also a summer favorite, poppies and delphinium. Garden perspiration gives you strength for the rest of the day.


Sharon said...

I love your new yellow. Must have some too. Also love that you get so many layers and layers.

Diane said...

Yes, beautiful--great tips on the layering too!

Jacqueline said...

Wow Emelie, I really love your paintings, the colors are so beautiful and I love the layering!