Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paper bag Painting 17X9

Trying this again blog was unresponsive to spellcheck and other. This painting has various changes an improved face,that was the best improvemnt, an added bird that was digital, also a little odd in the middle from scanning in two parts, the scrolls are bent looking. Also around the stamp some additions to get more tranparency. I think you can see the notch in the paper, so framing will be a bit tricky. I thought it would be hung in the bathroom for a while.


Itaya Art said...

Very beautiful artwork! Love this on the brown paper background. It's one of my favorite surfaces to paint on. As for the notch on the right, perhaps if you matted the whole thing and let the matting cover that part then it would work. Just a thought. :) I love it!

wanda miller said...

this is so cool AND pretty...all mixed together for very fine art, em! i love the look and feel and how you laid it all out! very cool "do" as well :), like how you did that so whimsically.
yes, (per my blog) i have grateful eyes, heart and soul right now and these last many days, feeling the gift of love and prayers from so many. love to you today my friend, happy fall! xo