Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter, Wasn't it Just.

Seems to me I just thought about these things, struggling a year ago to work outside, now I can with great ease, therapy for the broken leg was great.
Now flowers are starting to bloom and next week quite cold at night below 30, always a trick in nature.

People use to really dress up on Easter, the stores have all those pretty colors and clothes for kids, I didn't really look for me. It is a time to spend with those you love, even if all you love aren't there you can still think of them. Anyway I was
sparked to think of an old fashioned Easter parade, being so rural as a kid I never saw one of those. We used the Paas kit for colouring eggs, and I somehow felt let down by the outcome, of course I wanted a much more detailed design, the white wax crayon was not enough. Think now of the things to use. paper transfer would of been so fun, could of printed out your own art. Wishing you a day of all good things.


Diane said...

Beautiful Easter lady-Beautiful. I remember those Paas kits too and feeling the same way--I wanted more detail!
I hope you have a wonderful Easter--I know we will here--enjoying our new granddaughter!

Judy said...

LOVE the hat, Emelie!! Nice memories also. We did the Paas Kits also. We lived out on a small farm. Mom always had new Easter dresses for us. We always dressed up and went to church. If the weather was good, the Easter Bunny always hid foil covered eggs outside. If too much winter yet, the treats were hid inside. One spring, before a late Easter, I was helping my dad rake the side lawn. I found a foil wrapped chocolate egg in the lilac bushes! Another time, it paid to do as I was asked, and dust the livingroom...found an old jelly memories.

wanda miller said...

oooh emelie, she is wonderful, in her easter bonnet and pretty dress up clothes! your post brought back such dear memories as a child. we all had new easter outfits made by our nana, and would go prancing off to church with the feeling of newness and freshness in our world! happy easter to you dear friend and a huge hug right back! xo