Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When Old is New Again

The paintings of faces change a little or improve some, I like the same old compositions, faces that aren't real but still faces close, the flowers the birds the additions the surprise of transparency and the remembering of how accomplished.
That might be the second hardest is remembering how that happened, a lot of art can be accidental and I am not one for a plan but for more of a happening. Thinking like that can be a disappointment but the element of surprise out weighs disappointment.
I an not so fond of Picasso, but he said things that apply to me, and I have said this before but it sticks, he said, if he knew how his painting was going to turnout he wouldn't do it.


Judy said...

I like this lady of your imagination!!!The highlights in her hair, her face so welcoming.

Diane said...

Wonderful lady and wonderful way of explaining how your art is.