Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Slipping

The slipping of days, the slipping of things learned, it is best to count the forwards and not the slips. I have done a lot of practice on faces the past two weeks hair but most significant practice on eyes and the ability to draw two the same, plus if they are the same size they are not at the same level. Even worked on previous paintings posted, a few of them have eyes that are colored pencil so they erase, like all art supplies, some have a staining quality. That is a whole education and a remembering of which is which.

The garden of perennials continues to emerge, I wish not, I am not quite eager and it is early in the north. I find that what I miss so much in the fall is not exactly what I want in the spring. Even the vocabulary of plants and terms has slipped unto
just the tip of my tongue. Photos soon of efforts.


hanne virtauksesta said...

So, so beautiful!!
I like so much your art!

Diane said...

...and I love the vintage feel of your ladies too!!

Judy said...

Love your thoughtful young woman. Her rosy cheeks, her eyes are so focused, but yet maybe she's daydreaming... very nice!!

wanda miller said...

WHAT a extraordinary look on her face! stunning! xo