Thursday, June 3, 2010

Enjoying Angela's Art

Angie and I had discussion on printers for gel transfers, she has a laser printer so she was a little skeptical about how it would work instead of inkjet that she used when she was here. I think her transfer worked really well. She sent me this today and I was thrilled to see it. Clever woman.

Also Sharon Tomlinson, Norah has a new class starting in June Click All Norah's Art to read about this exciting fun class. You will also see a badge on the right that talks about her class previous. What could be better than painting a techicolor face on a hot evening?

My head is putting a painting together as I tote the watering can this afternoon.


Diane said...

She is a natural--I love the compostion of this, and look at that angelic face!

Star said...

Angela sure is catching on fast.....and good!