Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garden, and Class

Have been picking berries, it is wonderful to go pick one's own. The garden is in nice shape and has flourished with rains. You see Shirley Poppies, Delphinium, and Missouri Buttrcups for the most part. It looks like I have no paths in all these large plants, I do. It is also one of my favorite things to bring flowers inside.
The Shirley poppies you see with the berries have to be seared with a lighted match to last in a vase. You sear the end of the stem, so it is backened.

In All Nora's art and the Technicolor faces which you can see at the right is great fun. I am not a free spirit with this technique yet. like all things worthwhile it takes practice. It ups the energy level to have something exciting to do.


Diane said...

Beautiful photos and homegrown strawberries--nothing better!
I REALLY like your technicolor face--I can't wait to get more involved with this class.

daisydolls said...

Oh my goodness, such beauty with all those beautiful flowers and this face with the butterfly is wonderful!

Star said...

Oh! Your garden is doing much better than mine. I have spots of color but still mostly green.
Really like your new painting! I knew you'd fit right in to this new class. I'm signed up but haven't even looked at the video's yet. Soon, I hope.

Jacqueline said...

So beautiful! I like all of your girls!

Judy said...

Just beautiful, Emelie!! The rains have been kind to your gardens. The strawberries photo is book worthy. Fantastic job! Oh, and I also like your newest art creation. All photos so nice to look at!!!

wanda miller said...

GLORIOUS GARDEN, emelie...and such a beautiful painting...i have missed what's next with emelie?! and i adore her hat down below this picture. xo wanda