Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just "BE"

Very hard thing to just BE and not think about what next, what has to be done, what if this or that. Even today with rain pouring, which it has not done in three years, so it is a sight to behold. So I bake bread and brownies, read and paint. Maybe clean. just after I get another painting started. I have no idea what or how I just will start something with a comos flower.

We have been tantilized with color and more color from Sharon, you will see her badge on the right, you can go there and find a great class and enjoy color and get great skills, you will have fun and find a new colorful you.

This cat has great attatchment to his owner. This is acrylic paint, a stamp made from wallpaper, colored pencil, and papers.


Diane said...

GREAT hair!! I'm liking the stamped wallpaper technique too. There's so many neat little techniques that I've been learning-it's mind boggling.
Are you ready for Sharon's new class?--I am!

Diane said...

Oh BTW, if you're looking for consistant rain, just come to my neck of the woods :)

Laura said...

This has got to be your best yet, Emelie! Boy all this practice does make dare I say it... perfect?!

Can we stand the wait til the new class? I've been getting happier every day knowing we were one day closer to getting more great info from Sharon!

We get pretty consistent rain down here if you want some of it!

Sharon said...

Ya'll are all just making me beam with delight and I'm anxious too. I'm trying very hard to get the schedule up and supply list too.

Emelie, I really like her and her companion. I just figured out, your paintings are just flat happy happy with all the colors you love to use. I think what I'm trying to say is you are so happy to be painting that the colors can not be avoided and show your happiness. I don't know if you get that but in my tired addled brain right now, it makes since.

Judy said...

Love it!!!

Nelda Ream said...

Such a pretty painting. You are using those colors so well.

Star said...

Love it!