Saturday, June 12, 2010

Unsettled Mind Reflects Unsettled Painting

First of all working in a very messy space does not bode well for good work, neither do a lot of distracting thoughts. I worked on this for a lot of days, not a lot of time just a lot of days. Very hard to bring it together with some sembalance of unity. Nothing worked well everything seemed like I had done it before. At no time did the words enter my mind this is just the right thing and I like it. The face went well, but, it is what it is and I will tidy up the art room. and run the vac.
I will feel better when things are not so messy.


Laura said...

She loos like she is all a swirl in the same thoughts as you Emelie! All those distracting thoughts won't settle down around her.
My studio is basically tidy, tho my house needs work! I neglect one for the other, tho I shouldn't. It is just easier for me physically and mentally to paint than to clean! But I know we shouldn't take the easy way out. I will do some straightening tomorrow before I paint again! Oh Emelie, it is good you are here to keep me on my toes!

Star said...

Laura says it all!
I haven't even been in my art room for a couple weeks or more. I need to tinker with a few more totems and then the glass gets packed away again until I get the 'bug' again. I'm still having a problem getting excited about anything, art or yard. Or I shouldn't say excited, I get excited but just can't concentrate on any one thing. I like projects where I can just lose myself but haven't found one in a long time....too much distraction!!

Butterfly Works said...

Love your blog; great work.

Anonymous said... sound so down...and yes, there is nothing like a good cleaning and bit of organization to get you back into your creative groove!

your journal pages are wonderful! there's a certain softness about your work! lovely!

have a great night...
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ciao bella
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