Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Work on Class Assignments

I am continueing to work on my new class doing Technicolor faces, you wil see the badge on the right for this class. It expands your skills in painting a face. It mades you look at shadows> I am reading the "Highlander" series great sotry in 8 volumns, but the author talks a lot about light and in her descriptions talks of how light hits the face in question and reflects the seroundings of the charactor.

So life is colroful, lots of flowers, my reading, and my painting, even my frustrations of personal things leads to colorful language.

Hopeing for garden picture taking today, the lilys are blooming.

I will thank you ahead of time for your thoughtful visits.


wanda miller said...

oh so the texture in the flowers and was just thinking after reading my blog and how your messages, emelie, are truly like the gift of flowers (the loveliest) !!! xo

Laura said...

I said before I really like this painting Emelie. I think it is your best to date. All this practice is really paying off, eh? Don't ya just love the Tech class? I'm learning so much and Sharon is so good at showing us what we need to do.
You really have a way with hair and background that's for sure. I wish I could borrow some of that!