Thursday, July 8, 2010

Desires Move About

It give me a rather uneasy feeling and disappointment that I loose passion for things that were once so important. How does the passion just disolve? One can get it back a little bit but not full force so it really comes to the front of the thinking process. I really have to get into the garden and do some gardening, yet I find myself painting or reading with the spare time. Or I schedule some painting time with a friend because that is what I would rather do. It looks like lack of self discipline but it is interest that has gone limp. Nevertheless, I plan to garden when things dry off a bit. But, you see first I have to post a painting from the "Faces In Technicolor" because that is what is in the front of my thinking process today. If your interested in doing that also the badge is to the right and you can.

Oh one other thing, thinking about passion and how one is percieved by others, one still wants the gardens, the house, and the art to all look good so it appears that you can really do it all and still have energy to do other things that weave in and out of the basics of your life. These self inflicted demands are silly, however they don't go away. I think maybe that is a good thing or how would anything ever get done, and make us look oh so capable.


Rebecca Anthony said...

Your paintings make me feel so calm and relaxed. I sit and tilt my head and sigh with enchanted emotions. You have so much talent and your palette is breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so georgous! Love the colors! I didn't see it at the ning site.

Judy said...

Emelie, I just LOVE her face! I think she is one of your most fantastic ladies to date!! Her eyes draw me into her soul... everything about your painting is just wonderful... love the colors you've chosen... beautiful!

wanda miller said...

ah yes emelie, you just nailed flowers, yard and house look like hillbilly acres right now because i had been painting and i have regrets...not a i wish that a yard man and housekeeper would come over and help me...yessss!!!
this is my most favorite painting of yours ever or should say so far, em...
she looks like a HEIDI from the mountains, fresh, youthful, FULL of wondering eyes, precious braided hair...this is SO VERY FINE, my friend!!! xo

Star said...

Emilie, I just love the technicolor face/lady!! She's beautiful and boy, can I see some growth and changes in your faces now!!
I have hardly been on any blogs lately, let alone my own. Painting has gone by the way side except for a crafty yard thing here and there. I have pulled weeds and pulled weeds in the flower beds and still I make little headway! Your flowers look much better and happier than mine this year!! The tricky wether and last late freezes just did a nuber on them. It hasn't helped that I didn't bother to fertalize or even finish clearing all the leaves from the beds. I want the flowers but yet I'm starting to hate the work involved for such a short few months, only to have to cut them all down. I am making a bit of a change in one smaller side bed and it's taking some time. In May while tugging weeds and grass my left hand must have swiped againt some stinging nettles!! I am still trying to dig those invisible thorns from my hand! I start out with gloves but always take them off and have to go search for them once I've already pulled something nasty, grabbed a thorn or ripped what little finger nails I have! I just can't seem to work at anything with gloves on. After painting a birdbath in glorious colors, I left for the grocery store and immediately, while shopping thought of Sharon....I looked down and realized that my quick hand wash only removed a small portion of the paint colors! I had technicolor hands and fingers!!!

Anyway, love love love your new ladies!!! Maybe soon I can find time to sit and start the class....but on nice days right now, the deck and a book call to me! I had some new little books from a thrift shop I thought would make dandy little collage books or journals and do them on the deck....but it's been so very windy that trying to work with papers or paint out there is near impossible.