Monday, July 5, 2010

Holding on

That is sort of what it feels like in the busy days of summer, the tasks mount even as some get crossed off. One has to remember that these are not ordered taks, there are no task police, it is all in the mind and most of it self inflicted. Most days my first thought in the morning is what time is it, then what did I do yesterday that counts. What counts frequently is the self centered stuff, I recognize that
in myself. I have times of other things for others and they last days or weeks and then I slip back into gardens, books, painting and the general stuff of keeping a home.

I haven't had a lot of blog time lately, I usually post things that I like best, these are not wonderful photos, and a painting I just sort of like. I cal thhis painting indifference, one reason is the composition is quite wrong to my eye. but she seems rather indifferent, and the bird wil not meet her eye. It was a mood of mine of course.


Diane said...

Sometimes it gets overwhelming, doesn't it--just take time for yourself and what you love to do--like art and gardening. You're doing well in Sharon's class!

Rebecca Anthony said...

Oh I think these pictures are the epitome of beautiful! Those flowers are magical and the colors are vibrant. I just know there are fairies flying around in your garden. Then your painting, the colors are so pleasing and the texture and swirls, it's all you and your style. I REALLY like it!!

wanda miller said...

hi emelie...i love that my painting triggered your memory..what great man to think about re-planting...i see from your gardens where a love was born to you!!!!
i think your painting is so lovely but i know what you mean when you personally don't feel it's right...a lot of times i hide those pieces of work away, forget about 'em (not hard these days) and then pull it out...sometimes things just pop into my head as to a perfect change and sometimes i hide again repeatedly...i just got through teaching my great niece how to paint over her boos boos..she was afraid at first and then BINGO, she did and loved and giggled the entire time..ahhh treasured moments! you seem to bring the very best out of people, so special you are!! xo

Diane said...

Hi Emelie--I'm back with an award for you!!go over to my blog and check it out!

Jeanne Nelson said...

Hi, Emelie. I just found you from Kelly's Blog Hop (posted a couple of weeks ago; yes, I'm a slow hopper, lol). What lovely garden photos, and I love the meanings within your painting Indifference. But, mostly, I can totally relate to the "self centered tasks" becoming first priority, and I need to acknowledge this within myself. Somehow, the things I enjoy most are what I do most, while family and friends become neglected ... until there is an emergent situation that requires my attention. I suppose this is a natural reflex, but it is something I strive to change .... while my muses continue to overtake my world. So nice meeting you along my hopping today! Wishing you a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

I understand your feelings completely, and I think for one, (I am your neighbor in Wi.)!! How cool is that?? Maybe someday we can meet up? I am in Dodge Co.
back to what I was stating, I think "we artistic ones" who live in Wisconsin, try to get so much in as we know we have a limited time "outdoors" summer comes and goes all too quickly. Winters are long and cold and so we try to get it all in and enjoy everything in the warmth of it all.
I do that! I put forth my greatest efforts in the winter!
I am so happy to meet you and I am in Sharons classes as well but not in the Techicolor ones.
YET! lol
I love your paintings and see NO WRONGS.
Keep on keepping on.. Hugs, Darlene xo

Diane said...

Hi Emelie--me again :) I just read your comment and it's no problem at all that you don't accept awards--I completely understand. I always give one to my friend Buffy too, and she doesn't really take them either, but you still deserve an award in my book!!