Friday, July 2, 2010

The Love of Poppies

I recall my first poppy experience, just a little kid, we were doing our Saturday night shopping and enjoyment in a small town, walking down the street with my grandmother and aunt. Someone behind us said would you like a poppy, I thought they said puppy and turned quickly thinking how wonderful someone giving puppies. There was a lady with paper poppies, it was near Memorial Day.

I don't remember the next experience, my mother didn't grow them no one did in the late 40s in western Minnesota. I grwo them now several kinds. the transparencies of poppies and the fragile presence of them for ever how long they last is worth it.
If you singe the cut end of them with a lighter till black they will last 3 days in a vase and hold their garden beauty.

These are my garden poppies and the photo is altered in several ways. I couldn't reseist some faces in one work.


Diane said...

BEAUTIFUL Emelie!!! I am so impressed!

wanda miller said...

these are so so beautiful, do a grand job in altering! thanks for that tip about burning..i've never heard that.

Laura said...

Your poppies are beautiful Emelie. I've never tried growing them...don't know if we are even in the right zone for them.