Monday, July 19, 2010

Feeling the Hot Colors of Summer

About now I start to really like the very hot colors and like them until Nov.

This painting I feel has been enhanced by computer Print Shop altering. Of course there is nothing restful for the eye really but I do feel jangled, scattered, wanting to do all and do it well. I do cards sometimes and this could be done the three ways and packaged that way. I find nice envelopes at thrift shops sometimes, and so it works with not so much expense, ink and card papers are not inexpensive.
Sometimes I give a packet of blank inside cards as gifts. Liquidation stores also will have nice evnelopes. This painting I like better with the scanned fabric background then I do in it's original state. I do the layering on the computer.

I am suppose to be in the garden it is cloudy pleasant day for the hard labor of pulling, digging hoeing and pulling carts of disgarded cutbacks away to compost.
But I also want something new on the blog. One thing for sure the days don't lack things to do.


Rebecca Anthony said...

She is stunning!

Diane said...

Oh yes, this would be a beautiful card--you could have a series of lady cards--I know, that's easy for me to say, but seriously--your ladies are special.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Oh my, Emelie, this is beautiful! I love the warm colors, the wonderful texture, and her dreamy appearance! What a beautiful card she would make. I, too, make cards, but haven't tried doing any from my paintings; you've inspired me to try this technique!

Thank you for your recent comment, and for your blog post here. I love hearing from you, and feel a mysterious soulful connection to you . . . like we were separated at birth and have found each other now, ;).

Wishing you much happiness, love, and blissful creating, Emelie!!! xoxo

Nelda Ream said...

A series of cards with these technicolor paintings would be so beautiful. Looks like you are having lots of fun with the colorful faces. They are lovely.