Monday, May 23, 2011

A Day in May

How fast is this month going? Do you try to hold on, slow it down, impossible and the to do list gets longer and longer and not just mine but my husband's also.
Yesterday I set an angel figurine on the window sill just because I am always arranging things. Hope it isn't a compusive thing, probably not, they gather dust sometimes so I must not do it all the time. I like the look of the window screen in the background of this photo, so easy to get a layered look, and the tulips in the background added some interest. What I also learned is, I liked the bouquet of tulips, but in a photo the one that is open wide is distracting.

When I said so easy, it was this time, not always easy to have things be just right,
there are a lot of different things to consider with photos and so much to learn in that direction.

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Judy said...

I like this, Emelie!!