Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Garden

Gardens take a ton of time, this isn't news of course, I love painting and I love gardening. anyway I am going to post garden photos and one altered photo that is two garden photos, and parts of two different paintings.

Spring is so beautiful, and I feel like there is a countdown to a finish, there sort of is, it has started with the very early blooms now gone, gone for a whole year.
I have to really stop and look take time to appreciate. those wild plums won't be there in a few days. The passing of spring is nearly like electronics, something new before you have fully understood the present.

Anyway I must hurry we have advancing storms and I unplug the computer as we have been hit by lightning a number of times and no matter the expensive power surge
equipment it can fry.


Gloria said...

Great picture Emelie. I love the spring gardens too. I hope the lightning bypassed you. Take care, enjoy your gardens.

Theresa said...

Very cool effects Em! Your garden angel? I'm spending lots of time in my garden lately too. I find it very satisfying and inspiring. Yours is lovely!

Diane said...

Hi Emelie--I've missed your posts, but glad you're enjoying the real world in your garden--beautiful!