Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I always Say

I say that I want to paint these faces and sometimes, quite a lote lately, more body included. what I say is I want the questions to come, who is that, where are they, and am I just imagining this. Or maybe this question, did I really see that image?
I did get that with this painting, but I am not quite or very excited about it. I will put it away for a while see what I think in a week or so.

The problem could be I lose my train of thought and the flow of working on a painting because of there being so much to do right now, or so much I want to do.
A bit scattered. I just had an idea that I could cover a surface with newspaper larger than the painting do some painting on the paper and add some flowers like she is holding and some other, make the whole thing bigger, maybe 16X20. I will let you know if this happens.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emelie...thanks for stopping by.I like this face and your background is lovely. You did a great job on the hand!!!

Theresa said...

She's looking wonderful Em!

Rebecca Anthony said...

this may be one of my favorites, it's so lovely!

wanda miller said...

i get so scattered too at times, em. but this doesn't appear to be that way to me...beautiful piece with scrumptious background. i too have put my paintings away hoping for something to grab me later! spring is always so crazy to me in a good way! xo

wanda miller said...

...and since blogger allowed me to finally leave you a comment...what an absolutely beautiful bouquet from your garden in your last post!