Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garden and a ReRun

Garden photos of roses, lilies, Missouri Primrose, and other various plants.
We have been enjoying strawberries, our patch has produced 36 quarts that is a lot of picking. Most likely on picking left. Summer is so enjoyable, really the heat the bugs, the work, it is hard to understand liking it. I am hardly ever clean always garden dirty and ratty clothes. Thankful for the dirty, the sweat, the endlessness of a garden. In early Dec. of 2010 I was wondering if I would garden again, I could hardly walk. Even in January still the walker was helping me. If you don't know I broke my leg in late November. Thankful, even if that leg is now an inch shorter. I am not gracious about it everyday.

This is a small quilt 6X6 and I am sure I posted it before, I like it, the fact that the sequins shine like they really do. A painting of mine printed off on fabric, and recycled clothing. I do want to quilt a bit it has a calming effect on

When I visit your blog and see the beauty of what you have each created it is such inspiration. Thank you all for your visits and your blogs, it is like a gallery visit each day.


Diane said...

...and Thank You Emelie for a stroll through your awesome garden, and oh--those delicious strawberries!

I envy your quilting skills--and how your accent them with your art--wonderful!

Star said...

Gosh Em, I do wish I my garden looked like yours!! It is just gorgeous! And the berries, too!!
How is your leg doing? Does it ache a lot? When I think of yours, I feel sort of bad for complaining of mine aching and not doing what it should!
You tend to all that gardening, freezing, cnning etc. and sill paint and or quilt!! I hang my head in shame.....

Nelda said...

Your garden is so beautiful, Emelie! And those strawberries look so yummie! You are working with God to create a living work of art.

Theresa said...

Visiting you in your enchanting garden this morning...stealing a few berries and about to snuggle up with your gorgeous quilt:)