Friday, July 8, 2011

Inspiration from Diane

True enough, when you visit Diane
You will see a wonderful face she did on an old map. I had to try this and wish I had taken a little more care to have more map show on her face. It was great fun tho and I will do it again, plus try on some other patterned paper, I see I have a quilt that I did a face on patterned fabric.

I know sometimes it is hard to tell with my postings because one gets the same look from doing digitally altered work, both are satisfying in a different way.

This is a quick post, I have to get outside before the temps get too hot. Near 90 today. I know some of you have had that many many days, we have had it a little more than normal, but, July is suppose to be hot.


wanda miller said...

em, i think these are just beautiful the way each of them are! that diane, definitely sparks inspiration for me too, and i'm sure many others.
i love how your ladies are leaning and looking back and like very much the thought provoking looks in their eyes and entire face! :@}

Theresa said...

Another Lovely Em! Maps are one of my favorite backgrounds too...So very cool how you've managed to retain lots of transparency..FABU!

Sharon said...

Love your lady but I always always love how you frame the face with collage and pretties.

Anonymous said...

Awee! I love this lady.. she is gooorgeous!
How innovative Emelie.. and I am so happy I found you! ♥ What a beautiful blog you have!

Judy said...

Oh, Emelie.. I love this!!!! There are so many layers... and depth.

wanda miller said...

you just said a bloomin' mouthful over yonder on my blog em! you ALWAYS make me chuckle or laugh! you are so good for soothing a soul! xoxo