Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nelda's Angel

Nelda has become a friend over the past year, she sent me this at Christmas while I was recovering from the broken leg. I have not put it away yet and I won't. I have it where I can see it frequently. I asked her if I could use it in a photo altering mood I had. you can visit her blog Nelda Interesting and creative.

Also I must post a photo of the clematis that won the yard award. No real contest just my humor.


Nelda said...

What a gorgeous clematis! I'm glad you had fun with the angel image. Your digital collage looks great.

Anonymous said...

So gentle and beautiful!
:) Huge Smile!

Connie said...

I agree, the clematis is awesome! I'll have to tell my plants they could win an award and see what happens. LOL. The clematis is one of my favorite plants, I have 4 of them. The most recent one I planted, a Nelly Moser wilted but I'm hoping it will come back next year.

Star said...

whoa! Now tell what you do to that clematis to get to grow like that? I have 2 not doing so well this year and 1 that started out like crazy and then quit with that last cold spell in June. So it was sort of short but it did have huge blooms on it.

Love the angel!

Joyfulploys said...

Your clematis is lovely!! The rest of your garden is gorgeous too! I love your lady in the above post...thank you for your nice comments about my FTB journal.