Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It Doesn't Seem That Long Ago

These are photos from the 70s, It is or was our anniversary this week, 46 yrs.
We talk frequently about the years and memories. That was our first dog, Googan.
The daughters or one daughter hate that outfit she has on but the layering of the photo sort of hides it and another opinion is it makes it worse. I wanted to look at us from those days, I wanted to think about those times. I especially looked at my knees no scars from replacement, no rod in my leg that makes it shorter and the handsome man there with those cute kids. I think now and so often, appreciate each day it is memorable, or make a point to remember it. Oh Yes, that is why we journal to remember the ordinary. I have always loved ordinary days and ordinary times.

These photos were taken with a small instamatic, and now in 2011 they are altered.


Gloria said...

Happy Anniversary Emelie.. That's a very long time together and I'm happy for you and yours. Yay!! Great pictures.

Diane said...

Happy Anniversary Emelie--such a long time to be with another person--that's a wonderful thing.

It's good not to take the simple things for granted--this is the one gift we have when we're older--I appreciate everything--can't tell my kids this--but they'll know later when they're older.

Nelda said...

Congratulations, Emelie! I so agree with you about the ordinary, everyday things. We so often take them for granted.

Judy said...

Ordinary is GOOD! Memories are good to remember also.

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations Emelie! 46 years is a lot!